Thursday, October 02, 2008


Out through the night
An the whisperin breezes
To the place where they keep
The imaginary diseases

Your stink foot puts a hurt on my nose!
Stink foot!
I aint lyin,
Can you rinse it off, dyou suppose?

I read yesterday that Sharon Stone wants her son to get Botox on is feet to keep them from smellin' so bad.
Then today at lunch I heard on the news that women are getting shots of Botox to their Brains to help with Menopause.
The Reporter said it was a "Win-Win" deal.
What the hell does that mean?

That not only will it stop the Hot flashes,
but keep them from being able to talk?
Or does it imply that the women will be
relieved of the brutal symptoms associated with Menopause along with the men?

Either way, I bet someone is going to get their sorry ass kicked tonight.

I probably should stop going home and looking at the news for lunch.


Barbara said...

I'm wondering about the long-term effects of things like Botox. I'm not ready to get in line!

Dave Mows Grass said...

Doesn't the "tox" part of botox stand for toxin? I'm going to start eating all organic food with no toxins in it and then I'm going to get a toxin shot so my system doesn't get out of balance. Ridiculous!

peacefulstorm24 said...

I'm not sure what disturbs me more...the fact that you can use botox to stop stinky feet or that the MOM wants it done! That's just insane!