Friday, October 24, 2008


This wood lure measures 3 7/8", features painted eyes, and is in the white body with redhead finish. Lure is in good condition and dates to circa 1940.
$75.00 U.S.

My birthdate, Martjins favorite number (and mine) and the number of posts needed to hit 400, if we don't count this one, or the last one. Or the one before and so on...


Mother of Invention said...

I'm sure my dad has this exact same lure in his tackle box! I used to love looking at that stuff!

bulletholes said...

Yeah, I actually had one of these from Dads box...never dreamed they would get to be collectable a go for big bucks.
I think I've lost a forune cuz I couldn't tie a good knot.