Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry Minxy!
I missed World Poverty Day!
And me and the boys well, we aint been missing a whole lotta meals.
Have you ever been hungry?
I don’t mean just ready for supper, but so hungry your belly swells up.
Hungry enough you’d eat dog and fight for the bones?
Well, I ain’t never been that hungry, but I did go for a week one time without eating. I had no money and no food. Actually after the third day it get a little easier…but still I don’t recommend it.
And don’t go feelin’ sorry fort me either ‘cause I was a no workin’ SOB and I had a little further to fall before I got a break that I knew what to do with.
But I do feel for all the childrens that done nuthin to deserve the hard time they may be havin’.
And if there somethin’ you can do for them you need to step on up.
Or just recoonsider your (our) wasteful nature like Leslie does

These days, I don’t miss too many meals but I do get that cold hollow feelin’ from time to time.
Can you see my Ribs?
We're here for the Boooofay....and we brung our eatin' pants!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Wb,hope you had a great vacation!
I don't think I've gone without food for more than a couple of days; I've been on liquid diets. Cannot even imagine the suffering of hungry people anywhere!
Now I understand your inspiration to your comment on King Aeetes and
Ray Harryhausen.
Have always loved Jason and the Argonauts. Great special effects!
Low Es!

bulletholes said...

and actually, it was YOU that inspired this and Minxy....
And inspired my next one too...scheduled tp post sometime tonite I think.

bulletholes said... got a new hairdo!

leslie said...

OK. Now I'm jealous.
I thought (silly me) that I might have inspired ya...*sigh*
I'll just have to try harder.

Ribs...hmmm...puts me to thinkin'.

bulletholes said...

Leslie, I loved your poverty had a real Bulletholes feel to it...made me think of my peace plan and I think you and I should be in charge of something somewhere someday.