Thursday, January 15, 2009


Its 23 degrees outside right now. Doesn't get much colder than that in these parts.
People are getting laid off everywhere.
my upstairs neighbor got laid off and right now there is an extension cord running from my Apartment to his because the Electric company decided for 175 dollars he could do without heat.
I'm glad to do it for him.

Anyway the point is, its 23 degrees outside and anyone with a job is just holding on for all they are worth. I got my evaluation yesterday. I half expected that it would be a good time to let ol' Bulletholes go, but I actually walked out with a raise!
Boss says I'm a real asset with my bright cheery voice!
Sometimes, when I answer the phone I can barely get through my spiel without bursting into laughter! Thats how bright and cheery I am.
When my bosses boss calls, and I get through my spiel, only I am crackin' up because I couldn't help it, She says
"Hi Steve...its MaryAnn! You certainly sound cheery this morning!"
And I say
"Oh Thank God its you! I was afraid it was a customer!"
And we both just laugh!

When the Corporate folks came down last month from D.C. they all had their Washington Redskins hats on and I kept asking for one.
'What do you want one for" they ask "You are a cowboys fan"
Yeah well" I say "I want to smoke one"
And we all just laugh.

Sometimes when I call the Radio Division in Chicago, I ask to speak to Wolfman Jack.
Yesterday it was -3 degrees up there so I called and mumbled over the phone:
"I'ya god me dam-dung ffwooze sduck do a dantenna. Elp! WhaddooIdoo?"
I think this is why they keep me on here.

Anyway its dropped to 21 degrees out there now and guess what?
The Landscapers just showed up. Theres one with an edger and another is trimming the shrubs.
Whats this?
Oh, here comes the guy with the mower. Its throwing out green Chlorophyll! (Almost forgot what an Icycle was)
Those guys are holding on to their jobs for dear life.
I bet we could be having a Tornado, an Earthquake and an Alien Invasion and they still be out there.
Very commendable.


Annie said...

Congratulations on your raise! You're a good man to help your neighbor out. Current temp here in MN is -18, with a windchill of -40. Yeehah!

laughingattheslut said...

What's a job?

Anonymous said...

Good on you for the raise. We are a little warmer than Minnesota but not by much.

GEWELS said...

I'm freezing my tuckus off up here in MD. too. It's about 20 right now.
Oh well, the upside is I get to wear a really snazzy hat and my killer boots. Although, now I'm going riding. That horse better be warm.

Congrats. on the raise. I'm sure you deserve it.

red dirt mule said...

a good man like you deserves some serious money .... congratulations !!

and stop teasing me about my barnyard full of animules. actually, it IS becoming a bit of a zoo over there ..

so you MUST TELL ME what animal you'd be if you could choose .... or i'm going to choose one for YOU!!

congrats, again cowboy
couldn't happen at a better time
to a better man!


e said...

You are big-hearted to share and help your laid off neighbors without electric. The world needs more gnerosity and compassion. Congratulations on a well-deserved raise!