Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Guys, Listen up!

Long, long time ago, I chased Donna for about 3 months before she would go out with me.
I took her to a Junior Achievement Dance. After, I tried to take her parking, but she told me she had to be home by 12:00.
I said ‘Hell, I was sposed to be home 30 minutes ago” and we just laughed and I took her home like a good boy.

Then I took her to a party. We smoked some Pot and we left early and went Parking. All she would let me do was kiss her, and then only for a little while.
We went to parties a lot. Sometimes they would have beer there and I would try to get her drunk so that we would do more than kiss. But Donna was a good girl and always stopped after only two beers.
It was excruciating.

Sometimes we went to movies. We went to see ‘The Longest Yard” and she wouldn’t even go parking that night.
So I took her to see ‘The Owl and the Pussycat” and it seemed like she let me make out more than usual that night.
Then we went to see “Love Story” and she actually let me get to 2nd Base that night.

I started to see a pattern and thought I was really onto something so I took her to see ‘Trial of Billy Jack”.
The movie made me cry.

I cried in the theater, I cried walking to the car, I cried all the way to our favorite parking spot.
And you know what?
That did it!

Home run!Donna was impervious to Pot, Liquor and Bad Movies.
But she could not resist the tears!

Ah, Persuasion!
There is nothing on Gods Green Earth like tears.

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