Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have added the following to my sidebar. Go by and see 'em. Tell 'em I sent ya!

Ifs of Og- This guy took some time off.
I thought I was the weirdest Kid on the Block till I met him!

Mike the Waiter and
Waiter Extraordinaire- These two are Foodservice folks. They are friendly and smart and they are among some of the most fun loving people in the world.
Mike, you need to get your spot more accessible...I have to sign in and stuff every time I come by-why is that?

Angela- Kindness and good feelings just pour off her site. She says 'lets sit down for a chat" and its like thats what happens!
"E"@ Life in Progress- she is new to blogging, but it won't take long for her to make a lot of friends. Count me in.
She has the shortest name...I'd like to add an "ieio" to it!
Both eieio and Angela are friends of Barbara.

Laffin@sluts-Poor Laffin! She is the Eeyore, the "Martin from RedDwarf" of the Blog. If you are not weeping by the time you leave her site, then perhaps you have fallen onto her understated humor. She's been around for a while and I like her.
Her posts are way too long, but HEY!….its free!

Dmarks- He is a Science Fiction guru and collector of ancient postcards. I believe he has in his possession the first postcard ever sent…from Alexander to Campaspe as he stood looking over the Rubicon…or something.

Lily & Cornbread – These two are at the tip of a loose network of friends that seem to have family members with Alzheimers. Anyone who has been around here for long may know about my father, whom I have written about a lot. I like them a lot.

Lets see...oh yes...RicOShay....he don't post a lot but he comes by and I like him. He has some funny stories, and some bad health and he is working on it. Hey Ric!

You know, the only thing better than posting a blog sometimes is posting a comment.
I love to leave comments!
Since i started this Blog, I’ve tried NOT to add a whole bunch of links and at one time I had a whole list of reasons NOT to link someone.
There have been some I didn’t link because they already got 30 comments on their site everyday. They didn’t need my comments.

But, things change.
Everybody I have added today I have developed a running conversation with that I enjoy very much. I am a bit afraid that if I have too many, I will run out of time to be friends, and were it not for the fact that some on my list have not posted a great deal I probablty would not be adding these.
Forgive me if I do not get by as often as I'd like to. When I do come by I promise you will have my undivided.

I almost forgot one!
She has too many aliases to begin to try to name, so lets just call her the Red Dirt Mule!
I call her on the phone sometimes, but she has a Boyfriend.
I just love other peoples girlfriends! (OPG's)
Hi Red!


Anonymous said...

Bulletholes..thank you for the link and look forward to posting interesting stuff for sure.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I agree with your point on not being able to establish a good blogging relationship if you follow 50 blogs. Those I've been introduced to early on have remained my blog friends, and gradutally a few here and there.
I like the intimacy! Plus, who has all that time?
Have been glued to the TV. Am taking a break. May our nation be guided well!

cornbread hell said...

thanks, mr. holes.

red dirt mule said...

yeah. you call me sometimes. but you don't stop by the barnyard and visit me anymore ... or leave comments.

so i don't answer sometimes - 'cause my mulish heart is a-hurtin' ...

boyfriend? whenever has that stopped you, cowboy ?? geesh (mule rolls eyes)

you know I love you and always will !! (and thanks for noticing me, FINALLY - mwahaaa!!)


laughingattheslut said...

"mr. holes"

ha ha ha ha

thanks from me too, "mr. holes."

e said...

Ditto from me, Bulletholes!

dmarks said...

Thanks for adding me. I added you.

Now, to find that postcard from Atlantis. I know I have one somewhere....

Rick O'Shay said...

Thanks for adding me to your lists. I feel honored. I don't always comment on your posts, but you have an interesting way with words. I enjoy your whit and satire and understanding of human nature.

Despite your own health you make us laugh and think. And isn't that what a blog's for.

Your words here will last an eternity - or as long as Internet.


MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

Lol, Bullet... I always smile when I read your stuff. I'm happy to be included in your group of friends. Thanks.

Mother of Invention said...

Yeah, I miss Old Lady! What? RDM has a boyfriend? Woot!

Angela said...

Hi Steve, here is one of your Angela-friends,and you are right, we can`t communicate with all the nice people that are around, but once in a while it`s nice to hear from each other! Cheerio from Germany!

red dirt mule said...

@Hi MoI -

sheepishly (which is difficult for a mule to do) - yes, i DO have a boyfriend and have had so for ..... a long time ????

@Let's not forget that you also like to call OPW (you know wives ...)

and no, you can't make my boyfriend jealous even though you try.