Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When I was five years old I lived on a street where there was nuthin' but girls.
When they played Barbie, I got to be Ken.
When we played Tarzan in the backyard, I got to be Tarzan.
When we played Superman, well, yes, you guessed it; I was Superman.

But when they decided they didn't want to play with me any more, guess what?
When the girls decide they don't want to play with you any more, you're outta there!


cornbread hell said...

won't someone just fucking go lay this bulletholes guy? i mean...all these stories are startin' to run together.

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

ah, but look at the bright side... when you got to be a teenager ... it was what fighter plane jockeys would call "a target-rich environment". Look for that silver lining!

Anonymous said...

Silver lining eh? Yep, I got it. You took the high road! When the girls don't wanna play with you anymore... become a stalker. That's the other option. But you are wiser than that.

(P.S. I wasn't making fun of you in the God debate. I was just merry.)


Rick O'Shay said...

At least you didn't have two older cousins who dressed you in baby doll clothes.... Wait - I think that was last week.

bulletholes said...

Geez, Cornbread, you are right! These stories ARE starting to run together!

Mike, things did get better, but just like those little girls, when the big girls say its over, its over (mostly)

Hey Martjin! Or a peeping Tom!
Oh, the God debate, yes, well, that was just in the interest of trying to do something different...as Cornbread points out, i may be getting too predictable!

Ric- i tried to get the Sisters to play Dress-up last wweekend. They just laughed!

Anonymous said...

No you're not!... 'become predictable' that is. Or maybe I'm just a bit thick, that's another possibility. To me you stay fresh and surprising. Maybe Cornbread Hell (jeez... can I just call you Cornbread?) meant that your stories were coming together, as in 'revealing Universal Truths'? I don't know what the expression running together means, but that is how I took it. From searching for the love of God, or the love from God, to abandonment from girls... that's a good link I thought. Oh well, you can write whatever you want.


bulletholes said...

Martijn, I really liked one of your comments last weekend....enough to use it as a post...hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Of course I don't mind: I'm really honoured. Pickeled think! (hahaha) And, as usual I'm a bit ashamed, because I have the habit of thinking I talk bollocks all the time. But if you like it, there may be something in it! Thanks man. And that quote "Martijn" really gives it some weight! As if Martijn is a houshold name, like Nietsche, Rembrandt, or Springsteen. For those who would die of curiosity if they have no more information: Martijn de Vries is my full name.

bulletholes said...

Its the J that puts you above the rest!
de Vries! Wow!
That name sounds like money!
Do you own a Diamond mine?
A Dairy Company?
Tulip Exports?

Anonymous said...

I'm loaded! But not with money alas. I've got it all money invested in wind. MV