Tuesday, May 12, 2009


But if you do, be sure to check out the HBO Alzheimers Project.
My friend Annie and her mother (click here) play a part in this film.
If you have been coming by here for long, you know that Alzheimers is a subject dear to my heart, having watched my Dad suffer from "early onset" at the age of 58.

Its a Four Part series...(click here)
"On May 10, 11 and 12, tune into HBO's "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" to take a look at the faces behind the disease - and the forces leading us to find a cure. This multi-platform series reveals groundbreaking Alzheimer discoveries and the effects this debilitating and fatal disease has on those with Alzheimer's and their families."

I assume that it will air several times in the coming weeks, if HBO is anything like what it used to be.

Here is a link to Art as done by Annies mother. (click here)
She has a talent for arranging everyday items in a delightful way.
She has a real visual style.

Seeing this Art reminds me of Dad. He might not recognize his family, or be able to open a door, or even put his slippers on, but he held onto his sense of humor and his ability to tell a story the whole way through the disease.

Reprinted from Annie without permission;
Annies Mothers Art


Annie said...

Thanks Bulletholes! You can watch the documentaries online (for free)at hbo.com too.

GEWELS said...

I just finished reading a book about Alzheimer's called STILL ALICE.
What an unusual and sad disease.