Thursday, May 28, 2009


Joe Buck (Jon Voight) leaves his job as a dishwasher in a small town in Texas, and gets on the bus heading for New York City. There he plans to use his considerable (from what the local girls have told him) manly talents to make a splash with (and a good living from) wealthy, high-society women.

There he meets Ratso (Dustin Hoffman) a sickly streetwise punk loser with failing health. After initially conning Joe out of twenty dollars, they eventually become friends, companions, and soul mates. With Ratso taking over the management side of the hustling operation, they set about finding the wealthy women with whom Joe hopes to make his fortune, not just for himself, but for Ratso, too.

The film was rated "X" (no one under 17 admitted) upon its original release in 1969, but the unrestricted use of that rating by pornographic filmmakers caused the rating to quickly become associated with hardcore sex films. Because of the stigma that developed around the "X" rating in the ratings system's early years, many theaters refused to run "X" films and many newspapers would not run ads for them. The film was given a new "R" (children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian) rating in 1971, without having anything changed or removed.
It was the first X-Rated film to be shown on Television, albeit heavily edited, and veiwed by a President in the White House.
My guess is that it was Nixon.
Ford or Carter would be Longshots, but you never know about men do you?


Joe Buck: I like the way I look. Makes me feel good, it does. And women like me, goddammit. Hell, the only one thing I ever been good for is lovin'. Women go crazy for me, that's a really true fact! Ratso, hell! Crazy Annie... they had to send her away!

Ratso Rizzo: Then, how come you ain't scored once the whole time you been in New York? Frankly, you're beginning to smell and for a stud in New York, that's a handicap.

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