Tuesday, May 05, 2009


If you had told me 287 days ago that I would not do any drugs for 287 days, I would have asked
"Why not?"


Anonymous said...

Good for you buddy! Keep it up!

red dirt mule said...

WOW WOW WOW - now that's inspiring.
i keep telling myself life is hell without my drugs
my life is hell right now.
i need tips on getting out of this self-defeating mind trap.
because maybe it's my MIND telling me i needed those 11 drugs and the two i have left are puny, punked-out no goods .... HELP !!


Anonymous said...

Just not quite there yet. For me. Love ya Munchkin!

Anonymous said...

Oh-- for you, thought it was for ME?!?! hee

WOW, buddy, keep up the good work, you know, I have a friend who knows it's not good for her to use. Drugs, alcohol, anything. And for ever, thru thick and thin, she has NOT EVER ONCE FALTERED. I look up to her as a saint,(even tho she doesn't want to be that--she just wants to be f'ing NORMAL")
And even through all of us Methodist, who really get drunk, she is a steadfast pole. Hey-- she can be a whole lot of fun!! but, ask her if she wants a cold one-- it's off limits for her. I'm so proud to know her and her will power.

bulletholes said...


Tina, I've heard it said that people aren't normal, people are typical. I'm the type that craves a little craziness, a little chaos and I'm at my best when i'm feelin' dizzy.
Or so I thought.
It really has become all about finding a new way to live and to think about things.
I used to use to help get rid of the crazy feeling. That may sound strange to someone who hasn't done a lot of dope, but its the truth, and i can't explain it just yet.

SkippyMom said...

That is FANTASTIC! You should be incredibly proud. :D