Friday, May 01, 2009



They certainly did!
Due to Swine Flu.

Mayfest is one of our most beloved of all celebrations here in Fort Worth.
200,000 people getting together for Face-Painting, Corn Dogs, Carnival rides, and Pie Eating contests on the banks of the beautiful Trinity River.
And a Petting Zoo.
Good clean hometown fun, with vendors coming from all over the country, and a financial boon to the community.
Mayfest began along the Trinity River greenbelt in 1973. It has persevered through heat, drought, rain, and grapefruit-sized hail. But the four-day festival will not withstand the threat of swine flu.

I haven't been since the Great Hailstorm of '95 that killed over 150 ducks and geese at Trinity Park, broke out car windsheilds and sent everybody scrambling for shelter and 90 slowpokes to the hospital. It was like "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" without the Indians.
It was one of the worst Hailstorms ever recorded in the United States. There was 1.5 billion in property damage from that one storm.

Cancell Mayfest?
Good idea.
Especially the Petting Zoo.


Water Baby said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should not cancel Mayfest! Although they have started canceling schools, Fort Worth ISD and Cleburn ISD I know have canceled until the 8th. Poor seniors must make up the time after they graduate! TCC is not closed thou. Boo :(

Anonymous said...

I guess this flu is hitting you guys hard in Texas isn't it. Do you think it is a bit overblown by the media or are the fears real?

GEWELS said...

Can't they just keep the swine away?

West Texas Insomniac said...

I was planning on driving in for MayFest. Sitting in front of the crawfish tent 'til hell wouldn't have it. But the Pig Flu cancelled my trip to Cowtown.

I talked to someone at San Angelo's biggest hospital today and we still haven't had one confirmed case. Then I went to Walgreens and the shelves were cleared of all hand sanitizers.

Pandemic? They may want to tap the breaks on that a little.

e said...

Hi Bullet! Love the photo and I stay away from the mall as a matter of course. Don't get sick!!!

Best to you always,


Angela said...

Crazy Americans, oh my, this is REALLY overdoing it! It`s almost over everywhere anyway, just a few harmless cases appearing now that can be cured easily once you have detected the virus.
Can`t you invent your own fair, Bulletholes?

Anonymous said...

Steve, you cracked me up with that line about how it was Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee without the Indians. Sorry to hear about the cancellation. Never let fear trump a corndog!

UF Mike

leslie said...

I wonder if that pig being licked on the nose is thinkin', "Eeew! Kid germs! I'm gonna DIE! There's no tellin' what sort of diseases they carry..."