Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MAY 13th

Mentally, they are keen-witted and practical more often than intellectual, and are probablythe most resourceful person in the room. When they are not being quiet they are making a lot of noise. There is no in-between. They love to laugh, eat, smoke and screw. Their character is generally dependable, steadfast, prudent, just, firm and unshaken in the face of difficulties. Their many vices arise from their manyvirtues. Excess is the name of the game...thats why they make such great lovers.

A Taurean may (will) be obstinately and exasperatingly self-righteous, unoriginal, rigid, ultraconservative, argumentative, querulous bores, stuck in a self-centered rut. They may develop a brooding resentment through a series of injuries received either real or imagined and, whether their characters are positive or negative, they need someone to stroke their egos with a frequent, "Well Done!" all the time.

I share a Birthday with the following folks:

1961 Dennis Rodman (basketballer)
1957 Bulletholes in the Mailbox (see Resume')
1951 Stevie Wonder (musician)
1950 Peter Gabriel (singer)
1948 Knock-Knees (Biker)
1944 George Lucas (film producer)
1943 Jack Bruce (musician)
1941 Ritchie Valens (singer)
1939 Harvey Keitel (actor)
1936 Bobby Darin (Cassotto) (singer)
1931 - Jim Jones, reverend, poisoned over 100 in Guyana (Jonestown Massacre)
1925 Al Porcino (who?)
1923 Beatrice Arthur (actress)
Also a Scientist named Fahrenheit.
You may note there has been a real drought of famous folks the last 48 years. No one representin' may 13 since 1961, unless you count a Beauty Contestant named Carrie Prejean, Miss California.
This is the raciest photo available of yours truly.

"Which one of you girls wants me to hold you?"


Annie said...

I don't know if you scared away everybody with that last question, but I'll step right up and say, Happy Birthday Bulletholes!

tony said...

Happy Birthday!

bulletholes said...

Thanks Annie! You are probably right...but I'm way too stubborn to take it down.
Tony, thanks for stoppin' in. Did you have a birthday recent?

cornbread hell said...

it didn't scare me. i just didn't wanta be 1st.

happy b'day, mr holes.

soubriquet said...

Happy Birthday Mr Bulletholes!
Is that your birthday suit?

Many cakes to you!

(p.s. I just left a frictishus version of Bulletholes vs the Mole over at the Mule's place. How did you come to commit molecide? were you a molecidal maniac?)

red dirt mule said...

Happy Birthday, Cowboy.
love the profiling!
cute nekkid kid, too!


Anonymous said...

HBD...that's happy birth day to you big guy.

bulletholes said...

Don't blame you Cornbred. Hey, when are you gonna put another post up? Have you peeked at my next one?

Thats a great story Souby Doo!

Semi-Nude, Red, Semi Nude.

Thanks Bman!

Dave Mows Grass said...

Happy Birthday, Stevie Ray!

leslie said...

That photo of you will disqualify you to be Miss California. Too much breeze exposing the racy parts! :)
Unless, of course, you can get Donald Trump to vouch for ya...

Bappy Hirthday, Bullets.
You can hold me, but just this once.

cornbread hell said...

cbh is closed. picture a sign hangin' obliquely on a door.

put i'll keep peekin'.

you should publish the enigmatic buffalo entry. deep is good, buddy.

GEWELS said...

You also share a birthday with my Sister!

Happy Birthday BULLETHOLES!!!
Love you lots.

Is anybody making you a croquembouche?

bulletholes said...

Thanks Davy1
Leslie, you are funny!


Cornbred... Why man? Why?

Gewels, no Croquembouche...I got Carrot Cake.... I HATE Carrot Cake. Makes no sense. The icings good, tho.

Mother of Invention said...

Hey, Happy B-day belated, you ole Taurus Bull! I'm wondering why you're not wearing cowboy boots in this picture?!!!

GrizzBabe said...

Happy Belated Birthday!