Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My High School kissin' buddy, Lisa!
She was a Rock Star...and she sure could kiss!
She always talked so cool.
Click here to read all about her.

And I used to be skinny!
Here I am, promising Lisa the Ocean, and pointing out where the Submarine Races will take place later!

Thanks to Julie for these pics!
The three of us met in a Journalism class and became fast friends, and a center for an extended group of good friends that year. This last year has seen several old paths converge once again. I had not heard anything about Julie for 32 years until last week. iIts always good to hear old friends are doing well, especially when they have dimples like Julie's.
Julie finished just about every sentence with a "Man". Like she would say
"I don't know who the strange dog is, man."
I always liked the cool way she said 'Man" and she even says it in her EMail's, man.
Hi Julie!

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