Friday, March 02, 2007

Crazy Steve

I lived in some cool little apartments for a had been an assisted living complex at one time. It was all 1 Story, and there were only 48 units, broken into Pods of 6. There were seldom more than half of the units occupied which made for a very friendly atmosphere.
My Pod was the best.
In Unit # 1 there was “Big Steve”; he was about 6’5’ Tall and weighed maybe 359 pounds.
In Unit # 3 there was “Hot Steve”; he was 25 years old and extremely good lookin’ but being newly separated didn’t quite know what to do with it. That’s not exactly true, he was just still in love with his ex-wife.
Then in unit #6 was yours truly, widely known as “Crazy Steve”simply because it fit; you never know what I might say and how I might say it. Add to that the fact that i was happier than I had been for some time and it felt good to laugh, I mean really laugh, again.
All three of us enjoyed sitting on the Porch, which wrapped around and created a Porch Common, BBQ’ing, throwing Frisbee, and such. Hot Steve had a Guitar and Big Steve would provide percussion and rap sounds. Of course, I would be dancin', dancin', dancin'. I also happen to play a pretty mean recorder, the little toy Clarinet they give you in the 2nd Grade that sounds like a Sweet Potato.
Between the three of us we had quite a few friends-they were much younger than I and it was like a Frat House at times. I played my part as the Eccentric Senior and Resident nut job very well. Generally we had a splendid time that Summer.
There were always new people that fell into our little melting pot.
One day, Big Steve and I were sittng on the bench in our pod, just shooting the breeze. A car pulls up and stops. There are two girls in the car. Good lookin’ girls. With the engine running the driver rolls down her window.
“Do ya’ll know a guy named Steve?” she asks.
Simultaneously, Big Steve and I stand up and say “I’m Steve!”,thumbs aimed at our chest.
The driver turns to the passenger and they confer for a moment,whispering. Finally,after a fairly lengthy conference the driver turns back to Big Steve and I.
"So, ummm, which one of you guys is s'posed to be hot?" she asks.
Man, Big Steve and I just fell out laughin’. They looked at us like we were nuts and the passenger finally speaks “Lets get outa here, these guys aren’t hot” and now Steve and I are on the ground clutching our sides and the girls are peelin’ outtta the parking lot, tires squealing in a cloud of smoke.
Man ,we just couldn't stop laughing!
Steve and I start to get it back together and catch our breath.
The door to Unit#3 opens and its “Hot Steve”.
He is rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and asks “What the Hell is going on out here?”
Big Steve and I fall out laughin’ again! Man, we just couldn’t stop laughin!


red-dirt-girl said...

I'm falling down laughing at this one too!!!!!!! You clown, you. Sounds like a fun summer.......

Barbara said...

What a story! Did anyone ever see those girls again?

Mother of Invention said...

So didn't you tell Hot Steve what he missed??!!!
Those girls missed out on a fun time with you guys!

Annelisa said...

Ha ha! Hot Steve wasn't so hot off the mark, was he? Sounds like a memorable time the three of you had together (Ya big kids! :-D)

GrizzBabe said...

Lol! You kept Hot Steve from getting his freak on that day. He might have finally gotten over that ex-wife.