Tuesday, March 06, 2007


"We blew it..."
easy rider

David had a very interesting post concerning the ways we have changed and the ways that we have stayed the same over the last 20 years.
I suppose I will start with the ways I have stayed the same;
I still have a Dynamite sense of humor. I would tie a Bowline in the Devils Tail for a Joke, man.
Foolish, Carefree, Laughing, and Wise I have striven to be, with some success. I do believe that laughter is the best answer to all thats sorrowful in the World.

I am still fiercely loyal to Friend and Family, and quick to forget a grudge or a sense of slight.I have always thought that theres no time for fussing and fighting my friends.

I still have a Memory that can't be beat. I seem to be able to recall almost any detail of any moment or event of my life, if given enough time for reflection.

I have always been steady, stable and stubborn with an easy-going streak.... right up to the part where I lose my temper and then...I do like Donald Duck (or is it daffy) where his body becomes like a thermometer and the red starts rising till it gets to his ears then the Steam Whistle goes off and he starts bouncing aound the room...Typhoons form up when I get angry.. but it is hard to get me there.
There is one quite skilled at it but we will just think of the party and whistle...

My reasoning mind was defined and confirmed to me when I was in my thirties by a book called "Atlas Shrugged". I still maintain some precepts in that book, but the lessons I've learned since then...well, thats a whole 'nother post!

Ways I have Changed
I have learned to control and direct my sense of Humor a little better than when I was younger; the end result seems to be that I am funnier than ever, and more important, less hurtful to others. I have said it before- its OK to Joke yourself but you should not Joke other people.
If an Angel be the Devil learned to Govern himself, then I am not wholly the Devil.

I do not have near the stuff, gear, cargo, I used to have. I spent a few years heaving away cargo the way a pioneer did before crossing the Great Salt Lake in order to save his Oxen. I wish I could say it was due to my good sense it were done... but it was more because of my lack of it. At any rate, I am still here, and lucky to be so.

I am sad to say, besides my Kids, I have found nothing that has ignited any great passion in me. This is a new situation for me as I have always had a Hobby of some sort that kept me brimming to the top and filled with a sense of the Magic and Learning that the World has to offer.
Simply being passionate about your kids is not enough and empty as it is a prerequisite for being passionate about anything else, and your duty to impart passion for SOMETHING to them.
It seems to me that this should be easy enough to fix, but so far, i'm getting nothin'.

I am probably less responsible and more Cynical than I used to be. In my cheerfullness, I still feel like the Lame Duck with a part-timers mentality.

I have shed myself of some old habits, and have no new ones to report.


Anonymous said...

Thuffering thuckotath!!!
Duckth back in the newth!!!
I enjoyed the article about the wrong thong. Thumtimeth it is good to thing thongth.
Woo-Hoo!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
Quack, Quack!

steve said...

The previous comment could only be tha one and only of Rods duck Farm- not to be confused with Darkwing Duck who occasionally leaves anon comments- Rod is quackers and coming from me thats some reference!

Head Duck Wrangler said...


Mother Hen said...

Damn ducks haven't left the pond yet?

Mother of Invention said...

Glad you did this meme...god for all of us to do. You seem like you have retained the inner core of "you" and are at peace with who that guy is. You are true to yourself and would be a neat person to be around to share the fun and magic of simple life experiences. I like your sense of adventure and savouring the moment, and love your reounts that you've shared with us! I think it won't be long before you will find yourself passionate again about something and/or someone.

Annelisa said...

Had a couple of chuckles over this one, Steve:

I seem to be able to recall almost any detail of any moment or event of my lifeif given enough time for reflection ...I think, maybe if I had enough time, I could recall almost any event too... though you might have to wait a long, long while :-)

Not having a passion for something, steve, I would reckon you're just taking a break. When something comes along, and you're ready to get 'attached' or involved, then you will.... until then, just enjoy the passion you have - your kids, because, to them, that's the thing that's truly most important. That's the passion they will remember most.

I always did like Daffy - one cool duck-dude! And it sounds like you're one pretty cool duck-dude too... I'm somewhere in the middle, where tempers are concerned. I do have a lot of patience on most things, but not when someone's showing a disrespect for someone else (especially if that someone on the receiving end's me! :-D), but I put it behind pretty quick too... no point in holding onto a mood, just because it was there...

:-D Liked your description If an Angel be the Devil learned to Govern himself, then I am not wholly the Devil too!! That little pic of you a couple of posts ahead... stick a couple of horns on the head... a cute little devil, to be sure!

Give yourself a break - you've had a few tragic losses this last year, and that can take a whole lot out of you. It can drain you for a good while, so you just feel 'flat'. That'll change, when you're 'charged up' again. It'll happen!

steve said...

It funny how 15 years ago I seemed to be living the American Dream..
Life insurance Certyificates of Deposit at 3 institutions, Stock Options 401K's and Vested interests everywhere... but I would get pissed off if i could not find a Corkscrew for my 200 Bottle of Wine and just go buy a Dozen more...
Now, all that is gone but somehow I'm happier...

David said...

Thanks for answering the meme challenge, Steve. Sounds to me like the things you've retained are pretty darn good.

I'm envious of your abilityto shed stuff - that's a great way to change. I haven't quite gotten there yet.

Given how good your memory is, sounds like you would be really good at Bridge, one of my favorite games. Maybe it will lead to a passion, who knows? I'm guessing you'll find something (someone) soon.

steve said...

David... they tried to teach me bridge but I am too thick... mom was a Grand Master..is that what they call 'em?...so is my Aunt.