Monday, March 26, 2007


Barbara is having Party! She is wondering what music they should play, so I am going to make some suggestions between now and 5/5/007...

Its her retirement and its going to be a Wang-Dang- Doodle and Iv'e got the Mad Scientist working on a Halogram of Bulletholes just so I can be there with my Hallucinogenic self. If we are successful, then me an Ol' Lady will both be there (its funny that Barbara and Ol' lady were the first folks to comment on the ol' abandoned blog) and we are going to be bringin' our rowdy Holographic/Hallucinogenic Selves (no Halo's please) and we will also bring this and all my hippie friends were singin' this stuff before anyone ever heard of Willie (Nelson).

I guess I should ask her first... I don't want to risk misquoting her so I'll just give you my side

'Ol' lady will your hollowgraphic Self go with me to Barbara's Party?"
"Why not?"
"I am not"
"Am not"
"A chicken?"
"Well you heard wrong"
"No I didn't do that either"
'Well this is goin' nowhere so I guess I'll just have to go Stag-o-graphic."

She's married anyway...I sure can pick em...but she would agree with me on this album...

And what tune will we pull to, me boys?
Why "Sangria Wine" of course!
Its from the 1973 Jerry Jeff Walker release 'Viva Terilingua" well before 'Luckenbach became a cause celebre'.
From wikipedia
Luckenbach's association with country music began in the summer of 1973, when Jerry Jeff Walker, backed by the Lost Gonzo Band, recorded a live album there called Viva Terlingua at Luckenbach Dancehall. That album became an outlaw country classic.
Four years later (and a year after Crouch's death), Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson memorialized Luckenbach with the song "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)," cowritten by rock and soul producer Chips Moman. Without citing a source, Peter Doggett wrote in Are You Ready for the Country (Penguin 2000) that Waylon later told audiences "he hated the song and admitted 'The guys that wrote the thing have never been to Luckenbach and neither have I.

Its a 'Cinco de Mayo" Party and this tune from this album is very appropriate, and can only be sung at the top of your lungs with... with your ass sloshin, I mean, when you are high, I mean , with something good to drink.
Now, Barbara, when you sing the whoaaa part you have to really put your back into it and hold your tasty beverage up high. Also note that in the third verse 'Everclear is added to the wine some times"... well, its added more often than not. Its best served from a (new) 30 gallon trash can .

My friends come over Saturday night
Man its nice to make up some sangria wine
Its organic and it comes from the vine
Its also legal and it gets you so high

And I love that sangria wine
Love to drink it with old friends of mine
Yeah I love to get drunk with friends of mine
When we’re drinkin’ that ole’ sangria wine

Whoooah I love sangria wine
Whoooah I love sangria wine

Start with some wine
Add some apples and brandy and some sugar some spice
Ole friends always show up on time
That’s why you add sparkling burgundy wine

I love ole sangria wine
When I drink it with ole friends of mine
Yeah I love to drink with ole friends of mine
When we get drunk on that sangria wine

Whoooah I love sangria wine
Whoooah I love sangria wine

In Texas on a Saturday night
Everclear is added to the wine sometimes
Nachos, burritos, and tacos who knows
How it usually goes, it goes

Whoooah I love sangria wine
Whoooah I love sangria wine

Yeah I love that sangria wine
Just like I love ole friends of mine
They tell the truth when they’re mixed with the wine
That’s why I love the lemons and lime

I love that sangria wine
to drink it with ole friends of mine
Yeah I love to drink with friends of mine
When we get drunk on that sangria wine

Whoooah I love sangria wine
Whoooah I love sangria wine
Whoooah I love sangria wine
Whoooah I love sangria wine


red-dirt-girl said...

Sangria? Did somebody say SANGRIA?? Let me grab a big ol cup.....and I'll be there at the tap....(oh, tap - umm, ur....I think that refers to beer.....) Well darn it just give me something to slosh around in!!!


Old Lady said...

I'm there with my boots on. PARTY!

kissyface said...

JJW, he really is the Bacchus of country music, no? Every story I've ever heard of him (including one from a friend who partied with him in Eugene, OR), has the same theme every time: drunkenness.

steve said...

RDG- I got a little sumpin' you can slosh around in...
ol' lady- Can you say "Hell Yeah"?

KF- 'the Bacchus of country music'...only you would come up with that and yes its most fitting...I had tickets for two of his shows in the 70's ... he never showed till the third one i had tickets for. he was notorious for that....I think maybe his Bachanalian days are over now...

Old Lady said...

Ya want me to wear me chicken suit with the boots to Barb's party?

Mother Hen said...

Brawk! I can do the funky chicken, cain't wear no boots. Snork!

GEWELS said...

Sounds like some party!
Now, I prefer my sangria with a nice paella or tapas.
Cinco de Mayo calls for Margarita's, or better yet, tequila shots with lemon AND salt-
OH YEAH BABY!!!! Takes me back to my childhood.

Mother of Invention said...

I'll be sloshin' that wine with my diet gingerale!

We have a Jerry jeff album here...Mr. Bojangles!

We also have such treats as The Sloth Band...sounds like something you'd know!!! HA!

steve said...

Ol' lady...Put on your Sailin' Shoes

mother Hen...If you'll be my Dixie Chicken, I'll be yer Tennessee Lamb

Gewels...I talk a mean game, but the fact is my Tequila days are over; i get more pop out of two drinks than you could imagine.

Mom...I sing mr. Bojangles at work all the favorite verse is 'His dog up and Died"...if i ever end up on the street again, maybe I'll do like Bojangles.