Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My Dad was probably the biggest ‘Square” born into this world. That is to say that he was a very good man. He was in Sales and Public Relations and everyone that knew him liked him.
He had a subtle dry sense of humor. He was very personable and had a big belly laugh that he handed down to me.
Unlike me, Dad was never raucous. I think that things like the Great Depression and WWII tend to keep a raucous soul at bay.
It also makes a man a bit tight lipped.
Dad never said how lucky I was to not have had to grow up in those times, but there were times I could see it in his eyes.
I wish I had been able to ask Dad the kinds of questions that I would ask him these days.
One thing I would ask him is about something he would say on occasion.
He would run into a colleague who would ask Dad
“How you doin’ Jack?”
And Dad would reply very good-naturedly
“Anybody I can”
And they would both laugh.I always wonder what Dad meant by that because it wasn’t something I would expect him to say.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

A wonderful memory to hold onto! My parents are still with us, but
I often wonder how the 6 of us can be so completely different with the same parents. We may look alike, but not the same in dispostion and temperament at all! Happy Thanskgiving, Es!

leslie said...

That was Salesman's Code! :)

bulletholes said...

Hey pie! As similar as my kids were for a long while, they have made the split and you would hardly know they were from the same parents.

les-yeah, it had to be salesman code because my dad would never say it in a bawdy way.