Thursday, November 20, 2008


We were watching my pal Buddy Whittington in concert at Lake Worth a few Sundays ago.
Click on his highlighted name to get to his Myspace page. Try the 'Second Banana"...everyone loves that song!
The whole CD plays good all the way through, with all but one being Buddy originals.
My favorite is "Young and Dumb", but 'Romance Classified " is right up there too.

What a great gift or stocking stuffer this CD would be, and YES, you can order it from his site!

Buddy has been John Mayalls lead guitarist for nigh onto 14 years now, having replaced the great Coco Montoya.
He is a Texas Bluesman for sure, heavily influenced by BB King, Stevie Ray, and Mr. Billy Gibbons. But don't get me wrong, Buddy is his own man, with his own unique touch.
Where he really gets you is on the notes he does not play. And just when you think he's gonna burn the fretboard up, he teases you with just the rim of it, from afar.
Then, when you least expect it, he finds a tempo and notes explode that you did not know were there.
I like to say that he makes my head swim when he does that 'Buddy Stuff".

He is a quick wit and always has a joke to share. When you talk to him, you always have his undivided attention. He has played around the world and been onstage with Legends like Eric Clapton and mick taylor, but he acts ike the guy from across the street.
He is the only guy from my High School that went from wearing a green Army Jacket to having his own Wiki page.
Buddy is touring Europe as a Solo act for the second or third time now, so I would be much obliged to any of my European pals that might attend one of his shows.
Click here for a listing of his next 11 days, starting in Worstechire at Huntingdon Hall.
Be sure to tell him Steve sent you.

I've scoured youtube for something that does him justice...nuthin does!
Heres Buddy and Mr. Mayall clownin' around in Rome...

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My friend this is real good... THAT BUDDY STUFF IS AWSOME!!!