Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have been back on the bicycle full time again for the last 2 months. Just this last two weeks have I found my “wind” again. The ride in to work is two and a half miles and takes right about 15 minutes to get there. When I rolled in this morning I was breathing almost a leisurely normal.
Pretty good for an old man.
I have had some 12 mile days. I haven't lost any weight, but I have dropped two belt loops.

And Ladies, you should feel my legs! Umm-Ummh!

What I have discovered is what John McCain talked about in his campaign.
Ya’ll remember McCain….he ran with Palin.
McCain used a nautical term that I have employed in my bike riding.
Steady Strain.
Sometimes when I am riding I’ll be trying to smash some kind of record, pumping my legs like mad and shifting gears like Tom Slick, and when I reach my destination I am completely gassed.
I can barely get a breath.
And I don’t think I have smashed any records. I probably haven’t even cut any time either.
Steady Strain.
I will think on this term. It may work for a lot of things in this ol’ life.


MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

steady straining & persevering... sounds a lot like what it takes to work in a restaurant! gotcha on my desktop...look forward to visiting daily ... thanks for swinging by my blog earlier today... a wonderful holiday weekend to all...
peace, mw

Barbara said...

I wish you lived closer and we could go on a bike ride together. It's actually fun to ride bikes when you don't have to go anywhere in particular.

bulletholes said...

Mike, peace, rightbackatcha-cool Blog, good perspective youv'e got!

Barb- man, that would be so cool! I've yet to cross-over to riding for fun, but I like the way time stretches when you ride. Nouse getting your panties in a wad over time when you are on a bike.
happy Thanksgiving!