Monday, November 24, 2008


Blind man running through the light of the night
With an answer in his hand
n. young

I went to Uncle Yang's Thai House Friday night. I have mentioned his restaurant several times in the past Someday I will have to write all about my friend Ray Yang, who is always delighted to see every customer he gets. Uncle Ray Yang is one of those types of people that likely has more friends in the world than anyone else you know.

Every time I walk in the door he asks me "Are you going to have the cup of Coffee tonight" because of the night I got up and sang "One More Cup of Coffee" on Karoke night.
It was pretty bad.
Bad enough I've done it TWICE!

He always has the best Yum Nua, and the best Spring Roll, and the best Nard-nar you’ll ever eat.
Grandma cooks it up in the back, and she always wants to know if I'm going to sinng tonight so she can come out and lauagh. She doesn't even speak English.
I laughed myself to tears thinking about a dish I would call Nuk-Nuk Duck
And as proven in the past, his Fortune Cookies are always true.

This was the case Friday night when the Water Baby and I, and her friend Alexandria, sat down to eat with my friends Kim and Jo. The Water Baby, for those of you new here (click here), is my daughter and my hearts delight.
I have written about her a lot here.

Anyway, Water Baby had a tough week last week.
First, her apartment was broken into on Wednesday. She had to take half a day off to fill out police reports. Then , when she went back in to work on Thursday morning….THEY FIRED HER!

She was still on 90 Day Probation, and I assume she was borderline with too many missed days, and the half day put her over the top.
A year ago she would have been devastated. But it’s a Fail as you go World, ain’t it, and we have to bounce back somehow, and our skin gets thicker and thicker with each bitter bite we have to take.
I’m sure she cried, but when I picked her up to go to Uncle Yang's, her chin didn’t even quiver.
“I’ll just have to go get another one (job) on Monday”

So, when Uncle Yang brought the Fortune Cookies after dinner, you know what hers said?

“You will accomplish more if you just have fun this weekend”

I think that’s pretty good!
Almost as good as the one (click here) that the Rip got.


red dirt mule said...

I commiserate with Water Baby, but admire her for her strength and persistence (is she still attending JC??)

What did your fortune cookie say?

God, I'm glad I wasn't there. Heaven only knows what my fortune would say: (return to the paddock; lock your stall door; tornado coming will rip roof off of your barn; expensive repairs will enter your life ...) Actually the last one did come true .... !!


Dave Mows Grass said...

I think all furtune cookie fortunes are true. They write them that way. Just yesterday, I got one that said, "Only your wallet is bankrupt."

bulletholes said...

Red, I can't remember mine, but i think you are about to have better days. Yes, thats what I think.
Tell yourself, "everythings already allright"

Dave, you just can't argue and win with a fortune cookie. And they are tasty too!

GrizzBabe said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Water Baby! (I must go visit her site.) But if she's anything like her dad, she'll bounce back.

Hang in there, Water Baby!

Anonymous said...

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