Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A local Pastor gave a Sermon Sunday urging the married couples to have sex every day for the next week. (click here)
I see troubles innumerable, but I am definitely going to be at that Church next Sunday morning.I just can't decide if I should go alone to the Singles Class, or take a date to the Couples Class.
I have a feeling it will be "Standing Room Only".


Dave Mows Grass said...

What an asshole!

leslie said...

Hi Bullets!
I hope this post and link was intended to make me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, because I am having more fun trying to figure out which part of this is tickling my funnybone most! Even Dave's comment threw me back into hysteria.
I guess that the premise is that more vigorous heterosexual sex will create a force field that will cancel out gay sex all over the world.
I hope he encouraged some method of birth control, because there is nothing better for a marriage between a man and a woman, in my estimation, than an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Praise cheeses.
We now will all expect some unbiased reporting, the'view from the pew', next week!

Barbara said...

I think this is somewhat gross because he is prescribing sex as though it were a vitamin pill. Believe me, I'm all for it and I don't care what sexes it is between as long as the participants are consenting partners. Heterosexual coupling is never going to have an impact on homosexuality, at least I hope not!

This preacher looks like he could use a good roll in the hay with someone, but I'm not sure he's up to 7 days of it!

bulletholes said...

Dave, your wit is surpassed only by your libido (or lack of)
Haha! I got Leslie to come out! Nothin' like a good chuck!

Barb- I think the guy ooks like a 70's Porn Star...imagine him with sideburns and a moustache!
Seven days? A walk in the park!