Wednesday, November 26, 2008


These people spend years taking the 12 Steps.
They hold on dearly to their sobriety and their "Clean Dates".
So at the meeting Friday night I stood up and said'
"I'm Bulletholes, I'm an addict"
and they all say in unison
"Hello Bulletholes!"
and I continue....
"I'm still the newcomer here...I've been coming here for what....11 meetings now...and there haven't been any new newcomers so I guess that I'm just about the last Drug Addict here in all of this here I have been here for 11 meetings now and I guess tomorrow I'll be on ...oh... about Step 12"
And I looked up and glanced around the room.

Long faces everywhere.
People shakin' their heads.
Biker dude looked like he might wanna kick my ass.
Little Church lookin' lady held a hand high, and began to whisper a prayer for me in tongues.
Some were stunned at my arrogance, my audacity, my prideful attitude.
So i gave 'em my best quick smile and said:
"Ya'll can laugh now, its 'sposed to be a joke"

And the whole room just laughed and the guy beside me slapped me on the back.
I think it may take a while for them to get used to me.
At least they were paying attention, I think.


Barbara said...

Good for you for injecting some humor into what must be a very serious group. I think you could make a stone laugh!

bulletholes said...

Barb, its a great group. None of what I've heard, or my preconceived notions about this group is true.

banquet manager said...

Giv'em hell ole' buddy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

red dirt mule said...

ha. I went to a few al-anon meetings with my girlfriend some years ago. She was the 'stepper' - I was just ...trying to figure out exactly which anonymous program I needed to join!

I liked the step parts: i'm always in need of structure or i tend to fall apart. And yes, it IS true that I once went to a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting (I was only 23 - you've gotta forgive me for that one) - it was on the advice of my first therapist. One meeting - and those ladies scared the you know what out of me ....

I have a number of 12 step devotional books and bibles around. I really like the 12 step bible - it just reads more 'practical' to me.

I can't say that I've ever truly walked the steps ... but it never hurts trying. Nor did I ever join a group - I don't think they have created one that covers a multitude of my sins. But a supportive group who knows how you feel because they feel the same is the best therapy in the world.

oh, that and a little humor too!

happy t-day,

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I agree with Barbara!

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

LOL, my friend...feel like I am getting to know ya... maybe I belong at one of those meetings with you ... would that mean I have to put away childish things???
peace on earth to you,