Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sometimes I come upon a site, and it may be one of my good friends too, and I see that whatever they are writing up today is more than 3 paragraphs long and I’ll thing “Oh Geesh” and I’ll scroll down and find that it is actually like forever long and I’ll think
"Sweet Weepin' Jesus, what the hell are they doing to me?"

So when I get on a trip and start posting these darn 8 part stories, I just gotta figure that ya’ll be doin’ the same thing.
But that’s OKAY man, because I usually go back at some point and read what ya’ll wrote up.
And I hope that you come back when you have time and read about fightin joe because
“one, and this is secondary to my purpose” (have you ever read a stupider sentence?)

Because (1) I never would have thought I could write in the fashion that I have written these
And (2) because it really is a great story!

Here are the links:
P.1 URBAN LEGEND (click here)


Anonymous said...

I was in a bookshop yesterday. I stood in cue with two purchases: one, a book about mushrooms, my latest passion... mushrooms... both culinary and in particular nature wise, not for drugs because I'm not crazy about hallucinogenic drugs. And two: "Inferno" of August Strindberg, my favourite author. Then a guy next to me started talking and I let him in before me, mumbling something about 'still wanting to browse around'. "Yes he said... there's more than enough here... if you have to read all that than you'll be busy for a while". "Indeed," I said, "lóók, I'm still in the nineteenth century", pointing to my book. And that's more or less the case with me: far far behind! So much to read, not enough time.

But I really admire all you fabulous bloggers who daily manage to pour something creative and original out of their heads. Sometimes I think about blogging myself, but then I really wouldn't get any work done, and I am doing very little as it is. It's not that I like my job (I'm part editor, part advertisement writer, part company telephone whore, part etc.) , but not-doing it only makes it worse. Getting a computer at home would be an answer, but at home I'm doing other things to which I would like to devote more time & effort; i.e. creative things. But (now I'm finally coming to the point): I want to read the Joe Archives and I probably will.


bulletholes said...

Appreciate it Martijn!
i haven't been reading much lately, unless you count blogs...i grew almost tired of books a while back, or maybe not so much the books, i JUST ENTERED A NEW SEASON I GUESS.
Its the season of the blog for me, and as Leslie says, I'm not really a writer but I am a storyteller and writing these stories down is really a blast!

I really love my blog friends too...they are such good listeners.

leslie said...

Did I really say you're not a writer?
I know I said you are a storyteller.
But not one at the expense of the other.
Unless of course you have my quote in writing somewhere, and then I'm in deep ka-ka, huh? :)

I have been out of the blog reading loop here recently, so please forgive me for not being more actively commenter-ish.
I have no excuses that are worth repeating.

bulletholes said...

Lesley, now that I think about it, I believe what tyou said was that YOU were not a writer, that YOU were a storyteller with the implication that you and i were the same.
I felt that you were correct!
Hi Lesley, yeah I missed you.