Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SOMETIMES HIPNESS IS WHAT IT AIN'T is cleaning day...that is to say I'm clearing out a few of my old post put to draft because they were a little...drafty....but what the hell...why fix what ain't broke....or why try to fix what is beyond repair.
Just matter how good the post, the price is the same as the bad ones.

Back in '73, when I was just a Baby Hip-cat, I dug this song. I wanted to be a brother....
Isaac Hays, Truck Turner, Superfly!
I was so White I thought Rare Earth must be a bunch of brothers, but no!
They were all Lily White!
Then I found Tower of Power. They had some brothers!
They was like Sly and the Family....only more Stoned!
More brass!
More funk!
More Hip!
Platform soles just like mine!
So heres to my friend Barbara that broke her hip!

WHAT IS HIP? Tower of Power

So ya wanna dump out yo' trick bag.
Ease on in a hip thang,
But you ain't exactly sure what is hip.
So you started to let your hair grow.
Spent big bucks on your wardrobe.
Somehow, ya know there's much more to the trip

What is hip?
Tell me, tell me, if you think you know.
What is hip?
If you're really hip, the question,
"Will it show?"
You're into a hip trip.
Maybe hipper than hip.
What is hip

You became a part of a new breed.
Been smokin' only the best weed.
Hangin' out with the so called "Hippie set."
Seen in all the right places.
Seen with just the right faces.
You should be satisfied, but it ain't quite right

Come on
Hipness is. What it is!
Hipness is. What it is!
Hipness is. What it is!
Sometimes hipness is, what it ain't.

You went an' found you a guru.
In an effort to find you a new you,
And maybe even raise your conscious level.
While you're striving to find the right road,
There's one thing you should know,
"What's hip today, might become passe'."
Think about it y'all

What is hip?Ahhhhhhhhh!What is hip?
I'd like to know!
What is hip?Is it in the style of your hair?
What is hip?Is it in the clothes that you wear?
What is hip?I'd like to know.
What is hip?I'd like to know.What is hip?What is hip y'all? Hey!What is hip?Hey! Oh!What is hip?What is hip y'all?What is hip?I wanna know!

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