Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Bought some new shirts this weekend.
One is Creme wont last long. First thing I did was drool coffee down the front. Cleaned it real quick with a sponge.
For lunch I had Chicken Gumbo Soup...wrapped myself in a Bubble-Wrap bib!
Worked like a charm, but people kept poppin' my wrap.
Next time I'll wear a raincoat.

I also have a new Lavender shirt. It looks really swell on me beacause real men can get away with Lavender. All the ladies at the Meeting commented on it. I told them it was
"Formal and Familiar; Masculine, yet tres Sensitive".
Now none of the guys will talk to me.


Anonymous said...

I just wear the same things over and over again for days. My idea of fashion is non-existent. Your lavender shirt sounds hot.

leslie said...

This is some perfect writing.

I do have to say that "people kept poppin' my wrap" is my favorite line.

Brinley said...

That's great!! I got buttondown collar striped dress shirt from Jos A Bank... It is looking stylish!!