Friday, March 06, 2009


I had a little run in with my Judge a few weeks ago….
I go in twice a week for drug screening, and I am proud to say that in the 4 months of the program I have not had a “dirty” screen. In fact, I have been “clean and sober” for 240 days now.
Anyway a few weeks back I called my case worker, Bart, and told him that my work was very busy and asked if I could postpone my screen by one day. Bart said it would be no problem, for me to just come in the next day, which happened to one of my Bi-Weekly court dates. Every other week everybody in the program, about 100 of us, assemble at court for promotions and graduations, and of course for sanctions for those who have violated the program for one thing or another.
So far i had been very successful at staying off the Judgelady's radar.

Well, as things go, the next day was very hectic at work again, and by the end of the day instead of taking off an hour early to go to my screening then to court, I had a memory lapse and only determined myself to go to court!
I did not even realize I had skipped my rescheduled screening until I sat there in court!
After court was over, I approached Bart and apologized for not doing my screening and asked what I should do.
Bart says “Just come in tomorrow morning”.
Before I could reply, I hear a voice behind me say “Whats this? You missed a screening?” and I turned and it was the Judge, taking off her robe, wanting an explanation concerning that which she had obviously just overheard.

So I explained the events that led up to me missing my screening as politely and thoroughly as possible.
She was not very sympathetic, and said to me very sternly:
“Your little problem should not become the Courts emergency”

Aw, man!
I’m getting my chops busted by the Judgelady!

I wanted real bad to say to her:
“Emergency? Who said anything about an emergency! Anyone see an emergency?
I don't see any emergency's.”

But I didn’t…I just said
‘No ma’am your Honor, I wouldn’t want that at all”


Barbara said...

Good for you! When do they cut you loose to be responsible on your own?

Angela said...

Oh, good you kept your tongue! I sometimes wonder what would happen if we all could read each other`s mind... But think of the judge`s position (you see, my daughter being a judge...). How is she to know what kind of a person YOU are? After all, something brought you in this dilemma! But you will just continue to be a good boy and then they`ll let you loose again. Just never let anybody guess what you are thinking!!

e said...

Hi Bullet,

Sorry to hear the judge busted your chops, but Angela's right, and eventually, should everything go well, you'll again be a free man and one with a much clearer head and a better life. I'm glad to hear you are still doing well.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Congratulations, Es! It's no picnic. I know, with my brother. One day, all of this will be a memory!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 240!! Good for you for biting your tongue. Sometimes it's better just to sit there, instead of egging the problem on. Munchkin

Martijn said...

240 days Clean & Sober? A most sincere ‘well done’ is what I say about that. Can’t have been easy all of the time. And, she's a most amusing figure, that 'judge lady'.