Monday, March 23, 2009


Yeah, they could only be Tow-Truck Drivers that thwarted an Armed Robbery of their family business last night. It all happened around the corner from me.
It seems they chased the suspects who were on foot, through a field with one of their Tow-trucks. They dodged gunshots that were fired at their truck and finally coralled one by racing circles around him. Then Ollie Jr. Jumped out of the truck and wrastled the suspect to the ground, pinning him there till the cops arrive.

All-in-All, the suspect was probably lucky the Cops got there....these Tow-Truck Drivers down here are like those dudes in "Pulp Fiction" that ran the pawn Shop.
They can be merciless.


red dirt mule said...

Tow truck dudes are the BEST!! I have a personal tow truck driver who is my angel... sort of like your three sisters of mercy. His nick name is BUD. Yep. Bud. My brother of mercy.

Anyways, he pops up unexpectedly jus' when the mule needs some vehicular assistance. For instance, it had been around 6 mos. since we had last spoke over the corral fence. But BUD showed up in the paddock a week before my vacation.

He gave me some assistance in getting my mule wagon in working order for the looonnnggg

He even offered to come to Florida to tow me, my flying monkeys and my car back to Texas if I needed a ride. Apparently he feels like he needs a vacation from his live-in girlfriend...

Trust me - I pray that girlfriend sticks around. I mean, I loves my angel BUD, however, he stands breast high on me and well ... 'nough said.


bulletholes said...

Does he have a Ramp Loader or a just a big Hook?

leslie said...

Love. This.

And also like your question to RDM.

I bet it's a Ramp Loader...

red dirt mule said...

Ramp Loader, of course.

He likes to show it off to me all the time - a pressin' its buttons and working its hydraulics. Serious!