Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Why walk when you can ride?
Why stagger home using parking meters like walking canes?
Why have to stand at the Bar when you can bring your own stool?
$10 Valet parking? Forget about it!
The only probelem is this baby does 38 MPH and if you don't get a DUI you could likely go DOA or wind up rushed ASAP to the ER and wake up ICU or in an MRI.
Like this guy here...


Barbara said...

Hey, I want one of those. Who needs a cane when you have a motorized barstool?! I promise to stay under the speed limit.

valentinegirl63 said...

Where do you get one of these?

Martijn said...

Wow, a barstool, lawnmower, drunk chase and motering accident all in one... This machine IS us!

Anonymous said...

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