Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I never cared for cats... thought they were good only for skinnin'.
Then a few years back there was a pitiful little orange marmalade cat that no one at my apartments liked....in fact, it seemed like people went out of their way to neglect this cat, so I started leaving it some milk.
That's all it took...
I named him TopCat after the cartoon character from when I was a kid, and that cat just loved me.
I ended up buying a Litter box and a food bowl and Tender vittles and what my friend Lily called "Cat toys".
Lily was part of the reason I took in the cat, because I thought if I could show a little love for TopCat, Lily might show a little love for me.
So over the period of a month, I got Top Cat all cleaned up. I removed all those twigs and burrs from his furr, and he groomed himself up to where he was quite pretty. He had ice Blue eyes.
If I had eyes like that I'd be irresistable!
Topcat repaid my kindness by bringing me dead birds, fresh baby squirrels, snakes and even a big Rat one day.
Also, Topcat showed his affection by digging his nails into my inner thighs in an attempt to make some kind of Cat love to me.
Then one day Lily informed me that Top Cat was not a boy, but a girl. We changed his name (her name ) to Blondie.
But Dana, a neighbor who worked at Pet Smart, said it was not a girl cat but a neutered boy. I don't know who was more confused, me or the cat, but what really finally put me over was the litter box, because when she, him, it went to take a dump, lord-a-mercy you'd a thought a 200 pound goat was in there.
It could be a fresh clean litter, and it still smelled terrible. I wondered why they couldn't make some kind of feed to help with this.

So TopCat/Blondie/Boy George had to go.
I ran him out with a broom one day. Cat had to go, and I'll never forget the surprised hurt look on its face.
But the story has a happy ending because Dana had seen what a great at TopCat could be, and while she didn't want him, she had a boyfriend that did and last I heard they were a real happy couple, him and that cat.

I'd never loved a cat before, but I did love TopCat.
That's my cat story!
Thanks e at Life in Progress for reminding me of Topcat!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Am rolling, Steve! Never heard of a transgendered cat story before!
You and Top cat...hilarious! Am glad you found it found a home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Angela said...

Das war eine schöne Katzengeschichte! Unsere Katze, die 19 1/2 Jahre alt wurde, hieß meistens nur Katze. Sie hatte ein sehr gutes Herz und konnte unser Pferd trösten, als das andere gestorben war.
I`m sure you have a good heart, too.
Just wanted to test your German. ARE you some sort of a German? The sentence you wrote was perfect!

bulletholes said...

Pet- it was really kinda traumatic for me, all the confusion about that cat!

Angela says:
"That was a beautiful cat story! Our cat that became 19 1/2 years old was named usually only cat. It had a very good heart and was able to comfort our horse when the other had died."
No Angela, I cheated and went to my English to German online translator. IT WORKS GOOD, BUT ONE THING YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO DOUBLE CHECK THE TRANSLATION BACK AGAIN.
Sometimes the translation doesn't work going back German to Enlish and you have to adjust the way you say it.
I did this not so much to fool you, but to try to show a little respect for your language.
Hi Angie!

Anonymous said...

I had a one-eyed stray I named after a member of the Manson family. It was the dirtiest cat I've ever known. Cats are supposedly self-grooming but this one sought out the nearest dirt and went to town. I loved that cat. Loved her. UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Squeaky? Thatd' be a great name for a cat...
Or Sadie?

Barbara said...

I hate most cats, but how could you dare to throw that poor cat out?!

dmarks said...

Anon: Did you name your cat Cujo? Or was Cujo from the SLA. I forget now.

Martijn said...

Liked the cat story a lot, expecially since it prooved how with you most things revolve around getting in some girl's euh... well any way, I liked the story. Poor kitty, kicked out because he stank up the place.

Is Angela German? International company here! Grüß Gott Angela! I AM 'some sort of German'... I am Dutch, Niederländer to you.

Steve, your online translator is a lot better than the one I used in the past to write Portuguese poetry. I don't know ANY Portuguese words but my friend said it was 'hilarious'. Your translation was perfect.

bulletholes said...

D- Man, that SLA was another great chapter in American History! If I was going to change my name, I can't think of a better one than Donald DeFreeze!

Hey Martijn!
Yeah, anmgela is holding class ver at her site and she is a nice lady, and I have fun over there. And I am learning about this language that ya'll sprechen....
See todays post for more!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Buddy Whittington was related to Dick Whittington?


Anyway your cat story in proximity to Buddy made me think of Dick Whittington's cat.
Quack, Quack!