Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Darn Geese, they fly thousands of miles south for the winter.
I saw a flock yesterday still heading south.
Ninety–Seven degrees it was last week and the darn Geese are still headin’ south.
Then what do they do?
They turn their Geese asses around and head back, thousands of miles north.
They do it year after year, man, every year, every last one of them.

And me?
I can barely get through a day.
Darn Geese.


dmarks said...

I wondered where those geese went to.

Martijn said...

I've always thought that nature was trying to tell us something with those migratory animals, particularly swallows & martins. Pack up & go. It seems very right. Like: follow the sun. However, the truth is they think: go where the food goes... follow the buffet.

Or take hibernating animals like bears. They are more like: "hey, it's getting frickin' cold now... let's go to bed. See you chaps next spring.' It's tempting to follow the example, sleeping or flying south. I'd go if I could find me a cool flog. Hang on... don't you live in Texas? Isn't that the south already? Then where are they going? Mexico? Chili?

How much is 97 degrees in centigrade anyway? Sure doesn't sound very cold. (I'm very stupid you know - I'll look it up.)

Martijn said...

Foget everything I said! Eat up my comment! 97 F is danged hot, I learned. (I've learned all my Texas slang from "King of the Hill", hè hè hè). Fried geese.

Annie said...

Flying south or north is how geese get through the day.