Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Haley was a Chemist
Haley is no more
What he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4
dad taught me this poem when i was just a boy

My friend Angela@Usedom is having fun and teaching us all German! It was so much fun yesterday that when I went to sleep last night I had a dream about going to School.
If you have been coming by here for very long at all then you know that I have some crazy dreams. I did three posts just last week about my dreams because I seem to be dreaming a lot lately.
I am one of those lucky people that is able to remember well my dreams.
What you don't know is that a good few of you appear in my dreams from time to time.

So in my dream last night I was going to college and taking two classes.
One was a Speech class, and Angela was the teacher. It was my favorite class, and I went every day, even though Angela had said I could not sit next to Lori and Karen anymore.

The other class was a Chemistry class, and I do not know who the teacher was because I never went to that class.
As things can go in dreams, the Semester started and it was nearly time for finals and grades to come out.
I had a good grade in Speech Class, which was held entirely in German, which I do not Sprechen at all, but this is the way of dreams.
And Angela, my Speech Teacher asked me "Wie ist Ihr Rang in der Chemie?" which means "What is your grade in Chemistry?".

I had to admit to her that I had not been going to classes and that I did not look in my book, and had done no "Hausaufgaben und Test" (Homework and Tests). Of course she admonished me for this, but I assured her that I could get it all done tonight.
So in my dream I cracked open my book, and studied the chemical equations, and learned about the Ions, and Covaent bonds, and figured out how to draw a Molecule, wrote a paper on Quarks and Alchemy, and did make up work for all the stuff I had missed.
For my Final paper I discussed the differences between Water (H2O) and Sulphiric Acid (H2SO4) .
While doing this I discovered two new elements which changed the Periodic Chart of the Elements forever, and also would win me the Nobel Prize for Chemistry ten years later. In my dreams I can see into the future.
Really, it was all kind of easy in my dream...

And the next day I turned it in and you know what?
I got an "A" in both classes!
The way I see it, if I can get an "A" in Chemistry after one days work, I could have my Masters in about a week and a half... in my dream!

But when I showed it to Angela she clobbered me on the side of the head saying
"Sie versuchen, zu kluger Herr Bulletholes zu sein, und eines Tages wird das Sie alles einholen!"

Which means "Try to be too clever Mr. Bulletholes, and one day everything will catch up to you!"

I know thats right, Angela!


Martijn said...

Gib unser Kügelloch in Der Briefkasten Hölle Angela, for sein Deutsch! Nein, daß meine ich nur lockerlich... er ist ein ganz guter Jungmensch.

bulletholes said...

Ah..."Kugel-Löcher" is Bulletholes....there is one word the translator cant do anything with..."lockerlich"...
funny that mailbox is so similiar to Briefcase in German...
And she does give me the Hell, martijn, in a real nice way...she is sweet and fun!

Martijn said...

lockerlich means 'just for fun'... I hope so at least. I will check out Angela's Blog next time. I'm curious.

Angela said...

Hahaha, thanks for telling me to look here, Steve! Giggle!
Martijn, even though he gives an impression of me as if I were a domina, I AM NOT! And of course he NEEDS to be ruffled once in a while for pulling the girls` hair, but on the whole he`s not doing bad! And so are you! Come visit us in class, but better not sit next to Mr. Kugel-Löcher...
Sweet dreams, you guys!!

Martijn said...

Kugellöcher... of course! Classic umlaud misplacement. I wasn't far off though. But, you're right I could use some German lessons. I like the language a lot and know just not enough of it to be able to read books. Maybe 'Das Blechtrommel' in German is better than in Dutch - I am stuck halfway through.

Angela said...

Actually I neither like Die Blechtrommel nor Mr. Grass (met him once, very conceited), but there are other nice German books! Come to my class then!