Monday, March 16, 2009


I wrote a post about my pal Buddy Whittington a while back. he s an outstanding guitar player, been around the world, up on stage with the ZZ Top, BB King, Eric Clapton, spent 14 years as John Mayalls lead guitarist et al. and I always talk abbout what a great guy he is.
The Sisters of Mercy and I go see him every chance we get, and we have seen him locally quite a number of times the last two months.
He's a Bluesman and plays that good Rock and Roll.

Now last Friday night he had a gig down at the First United Methodist Church. They have a "Coffee House" Fundraiser going there. Admission is $10 at the door and you get all the coffee you can drink, and the church people bring plates of that Coffee-cake that the Methodists are famous for, and there were even a few Southern Baptist brownies thrown in.

Buddy plays and that's his donation....he does this gig for free! Thats part of what I mean when I say Buddy is a great guy!

Anyway, after the first set, when I was headed for the buffet for some of that excellent Pentecostal Apple Strudel, a lady stopped me on the way there.

"Are you going to dance tonight?" she asks.
"Excuse me?" I say.
"Are you going to dance tonight?" she repeats "Everytime we go see Buddy somewhere, you are there and we always get a kick out of watching you dance"

She means it as a compliment I think, but there is hope that maybe she is getting "a kick" out of watching some other knee jerk dude dance, and I don't recognize her at all, so I ask her:
"Where have you seen me dance?"

She says "Oh, at Resposados a few weeks ago, and at Lonnegans last month, then I think at Papa G's two weeks ago....and Oh! you and that girl were up on the Bar at Papadeux for Mardi Gras"

All I can do is nod...yep, that just might be me...

Too bad I didn't dance at the Church that night...they say it was being streamed live to 7 states!


Anonymous said...

You're more talented, and famous, that you know.

dmarks said...

Then you can rename yourself to "Ballet Holes"

Buddy said...

He's been doin' it since the 10th grade, yall...ain't no use tryin' to stop him now I guess ;^)

bulletholes said...


D-Thats a pretty goodshot there; they also call me the hemphill Tornado

I gotta like it when I can get a comment from Buddy hisself.
What do you think Buddy? Have I improved any at all over the years? Or are you still amazed at my wild gyrations?

Barbara said...

An opportunity missed, I'd say! You and the Sisters of Mercy could have put on quite a side-show I'll bet.

valentinegirl63 said...

Hey are they making fun of our dancing???? THERE AIN'T NO STOPPEN IT NOW