Friday, March 27, 2009


Standing by the water, staring at the stream,
Tell me, honey, are there any catfish in your dreams?
Catfish ain't expensive, and neither is it free,
Some folks crazy 'bout it. Others have to let it be.

You walk down to the bank and then you flash your bait.
You're looking for a catfish, child.
You ain't got long to wait.
No, you ain't got long to wait.

Catfish got whiskers and a sweet little grin,
But you can't never tell where a catfish has been.
Just call out my name and drop in your line.
I'll be your catfish, honey, any old time.

Cause I'm standin' by the water staring at the stream,
Tell me, honey, are there any catfish in your dreams?

Danny O'Keefe


Minx said...

Gone fishin', there's a sign upon my door...

kissyface said...

There's a dude round the corner here in the canyon who goes by the moniker Catfish. He's about what you'd expect, long-haired, moustachioed, rangy but for the belly, beery (hence the belly), affable, been here for decades, looks out for his neighbors, hangs out with questionable sorts. Probably smokes lots and lots of weed. Likely sells it.

That's all.

AAM said...

I knew a handsome young man named Catfish, once. He hopped trains. I think I may have heard some girls singin' that song to him, one way or another.

red dirt mule said...

Love the lyrics: catfish in my dreams. On spring break, we made sure to hit our favorite restaurant "Bayou Joe's'. It sits on a dock over an inlet off the bay. And talk about catfish !! Those babies are HUMONGOUS !! So the restaurant encourages patrons to feed the catfish - only you have to say "Here kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty." when you toss your scraps 'overboard.'

Hmmmm ......


Anonymous said...

Remember Catfish Hunter? Maybe he's who Kissyface is talking about. As for catfish themselves, they're ugly. But I had me some good Carolina shad roe this weekend. Yum.

UF Mike

e said...

Enjoyed this posting, Bullet! hope you are well and able to continue those walks to your office til the heat strikes. I could only ever do about two miles on my best days as a young person. Now and forevermore, I can forget about that. Perhaps I'll be rolling...Stay well!