Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was a very pretty post, and while it seemed to be mostly about Donna, it was really inspired by my very active dream life.
I wonder sometimes after an unusually vivid dream what may have inspired such a feeling of poignancy and reality.
I don't know if its a theory or just a musing, but what do you suppose happens if two people are dreaming the same dream at once?
What would happen if Donna were to dream the same scene at the same time I was dreaming it?
Or even if it were not at the same time...but te dream gets built by the two of us over a period of time?
An increase in the Dreamstate?

Anyway, these are not very practical questions, but this one is....
That story on some level was as much about my Mom as it was about Donna.
I'll never forget the pleased and proud look on her face.
What I'd like to know is this:
Would Mom remember me asking for an extra Candy bar that day, and all the extra Candy bars she sent with me after that?
Thats what I'd really like to know.


Annie said...

You even wonder? Absolutely she would remember that. She was proud of the considerate and thoughtful boy she had raised. Damn straight she would remember.

e said...

I'm with Annie on this one, Bulletholes. She would remember and she would be proud.

If you're real curious, ask your local librarian for a book on dreams and the subconscious.

I can't wait to hear your ghostly tale!

Thanks for visiting my Blog today.

Minx said...

Dream a little dream with me.

GEWELS said...

How could she not rememeber?

bulletholes said...

yeah, I gotta think she would...it would be nice to talk about it, doncha think?