Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thanks all for wishing my girl a big Happy Birthday yesterday. Embedded in the post I left a few links, and if you are anything like me the chances are slim you followed any of them.
So, today I will take this opportunity to inflict upon you maybe my favorite little story about my little girl.
Moments like these are just priceless.

Her Cowgirl Boots were Red, and her Little Jacket was pink. We bought those boots about 5 sizes too big and it seems like she wore them all the time between the ages of 4 to 11. Like any other young girl, she loved Horses but her love for them was way uncommon.
She had about 100 of them in her room; some were to play with and others were fancy Horses, only for show.

Sometimes I would take her to the store for a Candy Bar and she would study and examine each and every one of them asking
'How much for this one?"
'Those are 89 cents Baby"
"Oh my, that's too much" she would say and scrunch up her nose and put it back.
She would spy one that was slightly larger and look up to me with those big pretty eyes
"How 'bout this one daddy?'
"That's 89 cents too."

And she would hug that Candy Bar and raise her face towards God, grinning so big her eyes would close and you could feel the Heavenly bliss emanating from all her pores.
Then she would gaze longingly at the other selections and put it back, moving on to see if there weren't maybe a slightly better deal for her 89 cents.
We would generally spend about 45 minutes looking through the Candy Bar section before she would really get down to business and ask

"Daddy, how much are carrots?"
"Carrots are about 89 cents a package Babe"

Then we would drive to the Grocery store and get a bag of Carrots so that we could go around the corner and down to the Creek to feed Brownie.
Brownie was the Chestnut Mare that lived in the little plot of land that the local water tower was on.
In her Red Cowgirl Boots and Pink Jacket, she and Brownie would work that 89 cent bag of Carrots for all it was worth.
I've never spent ANY money to any greater effect.


Mike the Waiter said...

Hey bullet,
your love and affection for this child are abundantly clear. It sounds like you agree with me that there's NOTHING more important than the children. Unqualified, undemanding,unyielding, 100% love.... isn't thaT why God put us here?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Hey Chef! I am with Mike on this one. That is a beautiful memory to hold close to your heart. Thank you for sharing it.

Barbara said...

Great story! I'll bet she is still buying carrots for a certain horse.

laughingattheslut said...

That sounds a bit like me, except that candy bars did not cost 89 cents back then, and I didn't have a horse to buy carrots for.

I wonder if my teeth would have been better if I'd had a horse.