Saturday, February 14, 2009


As I recall, Valentines Day started back in Roman days, when Caesar or somebody decided to outlaw marriage. There was a Cardinal that continued to pair people up in an underground ceremony, breaking the law and the Emperor's rule. The Cardinal was eventually found out, imprisoned and when he would not confess, bow down and promise not to do any more marriage ceremonies, Caesar had him crucified or something.
The Cardinals name was Valentine.
I'm not sure how accurate all this was, but you can research it yourself.
The word Lapernical-something keeps coming to my mind too, but thats not what I want to talk about.

I'd rather talk about my first love.
She was the daughter of a Preacherman. Her name was Teddy, she had short and curly
Chestnut hair, just long enough to put into cute little Pigtails. Her eyes were blue, like her swimsuit, which also had little flowers on it. She wore black leotards to our tap dancing class, and I hate to say it but I wore them too.

We were only four years old, and we took swim lessons, and Tap dancing lessons together and she was in my Sunday School Class too.
Sometimes when Mom and I went to the store we would see her and her Mom.

Every time we went anywhere, I would always hope that we would see Teddy.
I always looked forward to seeing Teddy at the pool for swim lessons.
Had it not been for Teddy being at Tap Dance lessons, which I cried all the way to and from, I might would have cried the whole way through those classes, in front of all those little girls.
I kept it together for Teddy in particular.

Maybe thats what love is on some simple level...always hoping to see someone and keeping it together when you do.


Barbara said...

So what ever became of Teddy? She sounds like a find, upstanding girlfriend!

GEWELS said...

Wouldn't life be grand if love WERE so simple?

Anonymous said...

Aaa... love... yes, I remember that. Vaguely though... Those were the days, when love ruled the world. Pigtails & blue eyes. Remember them too. I don't know when I became such a cynic, nor why. I do know it doesn't pay much though. Nope, this was a sorry Valentines day again. It’s final: nobody loves me! But I don’t feel sorry for me... I dance & sing (inwardly)...

Touching storey of yours by the way, cooked up with beautiful ingredients. Greetings and let it be a fabulous week.


Annie said...

What a sweet post.

Martijn said...

What's this I see... I no longer have to leave comments like an anonymous shmuck? Does it really say "Martijn said... " now?

I have NO idea what's caused this, maybe by checking the gmail account, costadelmartijn@gmail I created for my Spanish journey.

Martijn said...

Wheyhey! Succes! Unremitting Failure is no longer accessible for my comments (it's blocked), but Bullet Holes is now even saying my name. Love is here again!

bulletholes said...

Hey Martijn! Look at you, name all lit up, like some kind of Marquee!
when does your blog go live with a first entry? Keep us posted.

Barb- She probably in jail or something.

Gewels-Yeah, simple. Good to see you.

Annie- Mama raised her up a sweet little boy, yes?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I agree with you totally. Furthermore I have another point to add. I think its essential that children today have a friendly and good swim instructor to guide them along. So that they will take to the hobby with delight, rather than find it a useless skill. But then again, most kids always love swimming afterall.