Friday, February 20, 2009


This will be the first of a series centered around the fourth step of my program. I am to do a "searching and fearless Moral Inventory" of myself and to get started I am supposed to try to tell my life story. For many of you that have been around for long, you know I have been tellling this story for some time, but I have been praying for a little guidance towards finding some other parts that my be relevant to this inventory.
I sense that some of the little things may be in fact, quite large...

Do you remember the book “The Cross and the Switchblade”?
It was about a dude, Nicky Cruz, growing up in a Harlem gang, getting addicted to Heroin, carrying a Switchblade knife and making Zip guns and stuff.
It was supposed to inspire me to be a good kid and stay away from trouble but what it really did was inspire me to go get a Switchblade knife and think about smokin’ me some pot and bangin' chicks and stuff.
In the Ninth Grade I used to flip spit wads with my Switchblade in class, and carve crosses onto my desktop.
This says less about the book, and more about me, and a desire to color outside the lines.
I have always been that way.


Rick O'Shay said...

At least you got through the book. I never read any book my parents suggested. I'd like to see the spit-wad switch blade trick.

Annie said...

The average high school is hard on anyone with the slightest desire to color outside the lines.

Lily said...

Its not that I wanted to colour outside the lines, I just couldn't keep within them.

banquet manager said...

Spitwad, huh? We used to "toss" the spit wads at the douchbags. Am I evil because of that?

Anonymous said...

kinda like the saying .....
"Just say no to drugs"

For the dyslexic ta read ...
"Just say on to drugs"

Quack, Quack!

Mike the Waiter said...

Hey Bullet,
I remember that, I too, carried a switch blade back in 6th grade... more for show and status than anything else... we used the tubes of bic pens for our spit wads.
Looking forward to the rest of the story.
Eat well. Drink well... and in your case, my brother, I mean juices!!!
my best, mTw

Mike said...

I'll bet many of us had the same reaction to that book, which is understandable since it was an effort to make Christianity sound cool. Unfortunately the only hope of achieving that Christian cool factor was through converting somebody with a past with the hope the effect would rub off.

dmarks said...

My wife read this book and liked it. I think there might have been a movie made of it.

I'm still posting about pancakes, and have one more post on them coming soon.

Barbara said...

Creative people never pay attention to the lines!

Angela said...

What is this "spit-wad" switch blade? I need explanations! But in fact I read that book, too, and also had a switch blade, but made of plastic.
Should I have been scared of you as a youngster?
Can I ask you another question: How long will you be 51?

bulletholes said...

I was mastly a good kid, angie, and tried to be a gentleman mostly so you would have been in no danger. I did have a sense of adventure though, that led me astray quite often.
I'll be 51 till May!
You crack me up....a plastic switchblade!

Anonymous said...

Um. The youngest, the most daring.

At a time when chaos was reigning, and bells were ringing, I actually let her(the youngest) have a knife. She was 7 years old. Bad judge on my part.

Stupid for me B/C all of the things I told her went up in smoke for her.

And nothing she retained. SO- she held up some boys, who were giving her some trouble,

And I got handed the KNIFE-- that she held the boys up with.
Ever since then, Nellie has been known as Nellie the Knife!

Ohhh-- don't you dare cross Nellie-- Nellie- the knife - for if you do-- bad things will come to you!!

Honey, this is a homeschool group. And this is my daughter. I have apologized for my Nellie's shortcomings, and I will NEVER let her Ever have a knife again!!

But she will never be allowed to flick a teach again w/ a spitball!!
hahaha!!!! She SO COLORS OUTSIDE THE LINES!!! T "munchkin"
Ugh I don't know what to do w/ her?!?!?!?! She is so "out there"!!!