Monday, February 09, 2009


Talos, Man of Bronze, from "Jason and the Argonauts", 1963
In the the Greek Myth, Jason must sail to Colchis, at the end of the world, to find the Golden Fleece and regain his fathers Throne as king of Thessaly.
This movie made a huge impression on me when I was a boy. It was not just the huge bronze statue of Talos, chasing Hercules and Hylos, or Hercules strength, or Poseidon holding back the clashing rocks; it wasn’t the Harpies plaguing poor Phineas, or the 7-Headed Hydra and the Skeletons that rose up from the earth as Children of the Hydras Teeth that left me so affected when I was but 7 years old…though Harryhausen's special effects in this movie were terrific for the day.
It was the conversation between Zeus, Jason, and the Goddess Hera after Hermes transported Jason in a dream to Mount Olympus that really affected me.
Zeus, king of the gods, told Jason he would assemble a crew for him, and build him a ship, and supply him with maps and all he needed for the voyage.
You know what Jason said?
He said
“Thanks very kindly Mr. Zeus, but I’ll find my own crew, I’ll build my own ship;
I’ll make my way as best as I can if you don’t mind it too much, no disrespect intended.
And Zeus turned to his wife Hera and said:
‘Sometimes the Gods are best served by those who need their help the least”

I told my sponsor this in answer to his question last week of what it is I think about God, and what my relationship to Him is based on.
I figured he would tell me I had a really bad attitude, and my idea about what my God should be was way off.
Instead, he just grinned at me and said
“Yes, God will require some action on your part. I think you are ready for Step 4"


e said...

Go for it, Bulletholes!

cornbread hell said...

well done, my man!

("step 4" = broken link)

bulletholes said...

Thanks, Cornbread!
Hey, E!

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

You know, Bullet, you are a really brilliant guy ... I'm guessing that, had you not been sidetracked with your vices, you would have done some really great works with your life. It's not too late. You're definitely on the right track. I'm 55 and like you, I've been sidetracked. We've probably lurked in the same ghettos at one time or another seeking our whatever.
you are an inspiration to me.
keep on truckin'

GrizzBabe said...

Gold star for the day!

Lily said...

I'm allergic to fearless moral inventories. When I was 15, I decided to get confirmed and went to classes at the vicarage. As the big day loomed, we had a final sortie to church where we were asked to consider the 10 commandments then write down all our sins that had broken them. The results were placed on a tray and the vicar promised to destroy them after the service. Yeah, right.

Rick O'Shay said...

Congrats. Can't believe you remember all this at 7 years old.
You know God uses a lot of tools to get us to listen. And you heard it at 7.

Keep listening He has more to say.

Annie said...

Self-help, eh? Good for you. Keep on keepin' on.