Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today my little Water Baby turns 20.
This is maybe my favorite picture of her because it shows just how happy a child she was!
One of my favorite things to do with her when she was lirttle was teaching her how to make fart sounds. when she got older we would go out in the backyard and plant flowers. Click here for one of my favorite stories about her.
Like all little girls, she grew to love horses....click here for a story about her and Brownie.
As of last month, she now has a horse of her own. I think the name is Brandi.

When she grew up and started going to High School she joined Choir and the Marching band. she gets that from me because when she was young I always had the Music playing and we would dance. That is to say she would stand on top of my feet and we would sway back and forth or else we might run in circles with our arms flying...you know...dancing.
I started this blog two and a half years ago in large part to chronicle her Band experiences. The following comes from one of the posts...
"If there is a purpose for this (blog) other than as a record of this year for my Daughter and the pleasre of having written it, it would be directed to anyone out there reading this that is responsible for hiring of new employees.... my daughters band is not the only one that is participating in a workload I have described and any member of any band is going to have to demonstrate the Qualities and Attributes I have so poorly attempted to describe to you during these several posts. When a former band Participant comes to you hat in hand I would give them the highest recommendation one can, sight unseen.
Also, for any parent whose child may be so inclined, as wholesome as it is for the child...

Click here to read more about the band

Anyway, I am so proud of my girl. She graduated and tried to go to Texas A&M and came home feeling defeated. She has learned how to bounce back, my Water Baby has, and she is going to the local Community College now, and working too, and is even living with a boyfriend and they are engaged! She says they don't plan to marry real soon, but probably in the next few years.

Click here for more about her boyfriend ...my two little birds!

And stop by her little blog and tell her Happy Birthday! (click here)

By the way...she doesn't make fart sounds anymore!

She's a lady...her mother takes full credit.

Also...its National Pancake Day!



petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Aubree' is a lovely young lady, Steve. I visited her blog, and what a beautiful soul!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful child and now woman Bulletholes! Congrats on raising her to what she is today.

GEWELS said...

She's a GEM- that's for sure.
As are you!!!!

dmarks said...

Happy Birthday, Aubree!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I forgot to mention, Es, I think you'll find my post about Leonard Cohen on petra michelle interesting!

red dirt mule said...

You done good, cowboy. you done good!
Aubree is one special kid / woman. May life bring her the best of times and avoid the worst!


red dirt mule,

GrizzBabe said...

I see you failed to lock her in the basement as I suggested. Now she's getting married!

Seriously though, I am happy for her. She has such a great dad and her dad has a great daughter.

kissyface said...

she's darling.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr. Bullet.

Anonymous said...

Dangit, Steve! you know I don't have a blog, and I can't commment on your daughter's blog. I tried. But oh well tell her happy bday and all goes well w/ her life!!
T , or "munchkin"

Martijn said...

Happy Birthday daughter of Bulletholes! ... again a day or two late, as usual. Sorry. Yessir, you've raised one fine girl! Learning ánd twirling the batton. It does my cold cold heart good to see a proud father like you. I mean it.

Can you teach me how to make fart sounds too?

Mother of Invention said...

I'm flippin' a pancake (or is that flapjack?!!) for her! I wish all the best for her and her boyfriend. Yes, they are young but I guess you have to take a chance on love. It is so great that she has a soft cushy supportive guy like her daddy around!!