Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Took one of the Sisters of Mercy to Red Lobster last night. My daughter, the Water Baby works there.
Red Lobster was actually my first job, back in 1973. I went from Dishwasher to Fryman in three days. I absolutely loved it and that got me started towards being a Chef gfor the next 24 years.

Anyway, I owe E and Grizzbabe posts about how I've changed my diet and what I am eating these days.

Two hours after dinner last night (which was excellent, by the way) I found myself in front of the Refrigerator, hungry again. I pulled out the leftover Chinese from when the Credit lady came by and started to chow down.
Then it hit me.
I told myself
"Self, you just finished spending 60 Clams at the Red Lobster and now you are eating again?
Self, this is how it starts.
Self, the next thing will be that after polishing off this Mongolian Beef, you will wait 15 minutes and then be making yourself a little Fried Bologna Sandwich. After that you are out of control, Self, drinking Hot Chocolate and making S'mores.

So after two bites I put it back, and did not miss it at all when I made Pancakes this morning.


Water Baby said...

I'm so very proud of you daddy, I know that it takes a lot to do a 180 with the direction your going. I'm glad you are keeping at it!!! I love your pancakes, they are amazing!!! esp. when they are shaped like dinosaurs :)

bulletholes said...

Did we make Dinosaurs?

e said...

I laughed so hard I cried upon reading your first pancake story from the hospital!!!

I understand your predicament; it is very easy to switch one thing for another, if you get my drift, and kudos to you and all the work you're doing, for realizing that and sticking the food right back in the fridge!

dmarks said...


Anonymous said...

um!! Fried bologna (had to sing the Oscar Myer song to remember how to spell it!) is my hubby's FAVORITE sandwich. He wants it none other than fried-it just tickles him to no end when it curls up, even tho' you cut an outlet for it!! Mayo and white bread.

I don't think we've had that one in two years or so.

Pancakes. OK. Well, there's another story w/ that so, I won't elaborate here. Anyway, I do Mickey Mouse PC!! How do you do BARNEY pc???

PC are the ultimate picker upper aren't they??

I agree w/ WB-- thanks for doing the 180 so you can still be here w/ us--- encouraging us to go on w/ a healthy lifestyle, even tho' there are temptations out there.

Thanks, See ya Munchkin

bulletholes said...

d- Yeah, and National Pancake day coming up right?

Munchkin! Good to see you on the word pancake in the post to go back a few weeks and see my two stories about pancakes.
A History Test? Man, I'm not qualifies for anything but Civil War stuff.
As for the Virginia...."Monitor and the Virginia" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it? to rename a ship...

Hi munchkin!

GrizzBabe said...

Mmmm. Love me a fried bologna sandwich on soft white bread with lots of mustard.

You eat pancakes? Do you have a special recipe, like with whole wheat flour, or do you make the regular kind? And how many can you eat without raising your blood sugar beyond acceptable levels?

Pancakes are one of my most favorite things in the world - along with pizza and pasta. I'd like to incorporate them back into my diet.

bulletholes said...

Grizz- no special recipe', but I only have two littleones, not much syrup, and I have bacon and fruit to go with. my levels are good enough that i let myself have a spike or two a week.