Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Shoot, I missed Kims birthday on my Blog!
Kim is the liveliest of the Sisters of Mercy and has quickly become my best friend.
She is the Sister that stops by here now and again.

She has been an almost constant companion at times and one of the best sidekicks I've ever had.
Its no real secret that I have gone completely soft on her, and for guys like me the line between friends and something else is really blurry and totally movable, but right now she is too good a friend to try to be anything else, and inflict myself upon her, unless she says so.
She ain't said so....yet.

Her Birthday falls on Valentines Day...that makes her an Honest-to Goodness Lover-girl.
You may be wondering what I gave her.
I gave her Softballs.
Really. Softballs.
Get yer head out of the gutter....I gave her 6 brand spankin' new Baseball Softballs, the kind with red stitching, and then we went out to the street and played catch. Thats one of the things we like to do.
Then we went to the Batting cages.
When she swings that 34" bat and her pony tail does this whiplash thing it makes me wanna run the bases!

Interesting fact....Kim was granted a special place in the Boys Baseball League when she was a little girl...and she was the only girl in the league. She pitched a game and almost had a No-Hitter until her father went to the opposing side and coached one of the boys as to how to hit her pitch.
He hit one out of the park. Kimmy still wonders why her father did that...but thats just the beginning of the story.
35 years later Kimmy met Jo's husband, the one I told you about yesterday that died last year.
His name was Tim and he was a great guy.
When Tim met Kimmy that day at Jo's house he studied her face for a bit .
"I know you" he said "Your Dad showed me how to hit your pitch and it cost you a no-Hitter"
"You're that Son-of -a-Bitch?" says Kimmy.
"I could do it again for ya!" says Tim.
Kimmy's Dad set that one up rather nicely, doncha think?

The three of them became best of friends, and I don't know what Jo would do without Kim these days. Kim keeps the house clean and tries to help raise Eric and help jo through what must be a torurous period of her life.

So you see now why I love Kimmy so much.
She keeps me going.
Click here for another story about Kimmy.

Happy Birthday Kimmy!


e said...

Nice save, Bullet! It sound like you've all created a nice family situation for yourselves.

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

very sweet post bullet ... and a tribute to what a small world it is ... just remember... men cannot be "just friends"...with women ... it defies our biological composition...
peace, mTw

e said...


Great story about Mrs. McNeese!

Perhaps she took one look at you and figured Mama would do a better job of keeping you in tow than she could.

She may have been a nice, somewhat silly lady who thought you could do no wrong, but it is more likely that Mrs. McNeese thought that slamming your butt into juvie would only make you a more knowledgeable thief since you would no doubt acquire a trick or two from more experienced kids, and since you brought the headphones back and 'fessed up under the watchful eyes of Mama, no real harm done.

You're right, either way, she saved your life. I too might have refused to believe you to save your Mother and you more embarrassment, but I'm not sure I'm as nice as Mrs. McNeese!

This is one for the grandkids when they come.(LOL!)

valentinegirl63 said...


GEWELS said...

Awwww Steve! you are too sweet. No wonder they like keeping you around, wavy line and all.

Women/Men just friends? I think so Mike. (at least that's what I keep telling myself)