Thursday, February 19, 2009


I had a dog, a Dachshund, named Steve Jr. but I was too little to say "Steve Jr.".
I called him "Do-Do", childspeak for Dog I suppose.
When a truck ran Steve Jr. over, I got a new Dachsund. Her name was Do-Do and I had her for 12 years.
Do-Do was a good dog.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

hahaha, Steve! With a name like Petra, you can imagine the interpretations I got!

Barbara said...

We always had dachshunds when I was growing up. They were incredibly stupid dogs. I didn't realize how smart a dog could be until I got a lab.

Mike said...

When YOU are gone, will somebody get a new one?

bulletholes said...

With a name like Petra...who needs a pet?
Barbara...Do-Do and I resent the insinuation.
A duel!
Pistols at Dawn?

bulletholes said...

Ha! Mike, somebody already did!

Minx said...

I had a cat called Mary once - he was a boy.

(yes, it is me, still lurking!)

Martijn said...

Do-do is a good name for a dog. I like this type of dog too, despite I got chased by one as a kid on a number of occasions. Hey Bulletholes!

bulletholes said...

I had a cat named Blondie one time she was a boy. Minxy, Hi!

Hey Martijn! I like the dachsunds in cartoons where they do like a bus and half of them is around the corner waiting for the other half to catch up...lets see a Lab do that!

GEWELS said...

My dog of choice was a collie- looked just like Lassie. Her name was princess.
I actually met the real Lassie once and shaked her paw. Oh, and June Lockhart, too- but who cares about her, it's all about the dog.