Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I took the Sisters of Mercy (Jo, Kim, and Stacy) to dinner Saturday night, along with Jo’s 11-year old son. We’ll call him the Master because he is a major Dungeon and Dragon player..
I should take this opportunity to talk a little about Jo and her son. Years ago the ExMrs Bulletholes suspected that Jo and I were having an affair. She thought that for 5 years and she was wrong.
She was wrong until the sixth year.
So my friendship with Jo helped to break up my marriage.

Jo married a year before I was divorced and the Master was born.
I didn’t see Jo for 10 years until September when I ran into her and Kim, also a good friend from old days.
And this is where the story starts.
Jo’s husband died last year and very unexpectedly too. Complications of the Diabetes.
It has left Jo and the Master in tatters.
Kim and Jo and the Master all live together. And they found me when I really needed a friend. We are taking good care of each other as best as we can.
I play a very male role in the house with regards to the Master.
I told XMrs Bullets about this a while back.
She says "You know, I thought that boy was yours for years, right up until I actually saw him and how much he looked like his Dad"
I said "Yes, I know you did, but he obviously is not"
She managed a thin grin and says
"This is all very ironic, is it not?"
"Yes, very ironic" says I.

So, these are my Sisters of Mercy, and it includes a cousin, Stacy, who was with us for Valentines Dinner.

In preparation I went to Albertsons and picked up 4 Valentines cards.
I grabbed 3 Heart Shaped boxes of Chocolates.
I swung by and picked up a wheel of Brie, the most sensual of all the Cheeses, and some Table Water Crackers, the most Romantic of all the thin crisps, and even 2 packages of Boursin, the most spreadable of all the Cheesespreads.
On to the Wine Department, where I grabbed two bottles of the bubbly stuff and a bottle of Poully-Fusse’.
In the Flower Department I picked up 3 of those plastic-glass looking Roses for a buck a piece. I wish I had gotten more of those.
It was in the check-out line, when the lady behind me rolled her eyes and asked if I had forgotten anything that I realized what a slut I must look like.


GEWELS said...

HAHAHA!!! You slut, you!

And yes, the strawberries would have been the cherry on the top.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

That was all quite romantic of you Bulletholes! Nice going.

Annie said...

It sounds like you and the Sisters of Mercy have created a nice family for yourselves.

GrizzBabe said...

Table Water Crackers are romantic? Who knew?

valentinegirl63 said...

what the hell you did not mention that it IT MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Lily said...

4 Valentine cards? Who's the fourth recipient?

bulletholes said...

Lily, the 4th was for the young Master, Jo's son.
Val63- i have made amends...
Grizz-you can eat em in my bed anytime.
Annie-Yes, we be tight!

WX- yes, I crused the Family Planning aisle a few times as welll.

Gewels...it takes one to know one.
Hi, Baby!