Thursday, February 05, 2009


Grizzbabe and E asked what I am eating these days to help control my Diabetes. Mainly I am just plain eating less, and one thing that has helped is to not keep things around that I am prone to binge on.

Ice Cream and Chocolate Marshmallow pinwheels are out. I buy Vanilla Wafers and those really lousy Hydrox cookies. The sheer lack of quality keeps my intake down to one or two.
I don't buy a whole gallon of milk, I just buy a half gallon and try to stretch it.
For a while, I didn't keep any bread products, because I can eat a half loaf and not even notice it. but I am back to having bread, and one thing I do is buy the most expensive loaf in the whole store, and the cost alone seems to inhibit my intake.
I am willing to bet this would work on other items as well, like juice and Yogurt and stuff.
I used to eat 4 serving of yogurt at a time.
All soda'a are diet. I use Splenda, which I will talk to my Dr. about today, as I keep hearing bad things about it.
These are all the usual things people do, I think, but I have two other things I have discovered.

If I get up and have a good breakfast, with Bacon and Eggs, a piece of toast and maybe a little Oatmeal, my appetite is greatly reduced for the rest of the day.

And I have completely rediscovered Vegetables! I use them in everything!
Brocooli and Yellow Squash, man I'd forgotten how good they are!
I take a can of Campbells Chunky soup and only use half the can with a whole bag of Frozen Stir-Fry Vegetables, I use the soup as a seasoning, and I get two meals out of it. Sometimes I'll put this Vegetable stew on top of half a baked potato.
Or I'll take a frozen pasta dish and add a bag of vegetables....Voila...two meals again.

Al these damn prepared foods have like 30% of your salt intake for the day, even the ones supposed to be healthy, and by cutting them in half with vegetables, we get around that problem.

Anyway, my glucose numbers are good, my diet is way better than before.
Still, I'm not losing any weight.
The only thing lacking is a little workin' out.
You know, Sexercise.


Annie said...

You've reminded me that I have several bags of yellow squash in my freezer from last summer's garden. And plum tomatoes. Guess what I'm having for supper tonight. I'm pretty sure there's a bag of strawberries in there too.

Barbara said...

As a former chef, I'm surprised you're just now discovering the wonder of vegetables!

e said...


Thanks for sharing. I make a lot from scratch, like soups, and put them in the freezer. I also eat a lot of fresh fruit and salads, although mowst of the salads are bagged, and vegetarian dishes. I was surprised when told that my sugar was slightly elevated and I'm trying to work out a schedule for the wellness plan my PT wants me to follow. My mobility is limited, so a normal bike and lots of walking are out, at this point, as is swimming when its cold. The weight thing is a pain, but you should try to get off some and see if it makes a difference. Good luck and keep us posted.

GrizzBabe said...

I didn't lose weight for the first 4-6 weeks and then, bam! Weight started falling off. But I do exercise too.

red dirt mule said...

Keep at it, cowboy.

Maybe we should declare our girls' weekend in ... sugar free?

I can relate to all of this on a different level ... because of my drastic mood destabilization, i must take a medication whose potential side effects include inducing type 2 diabetes.

I've currently gained 10 lbs in 12 days and have eaten every bit of sugar in the house - so much so, that my eldest child is now hiding his stash from me. I've been searching those weird corner cabinets - haven't found it yet!

I'm serious. Mood not stable yet .. another app't soon - i think maybe it's time to request some blood work. It HAS been 4 years since he last checked all those important enzymes, cholesterol, sugars and blood counts ....


ps. i need a chef.

Anonymous said...

Of course I have only useless things to say. It's like a priest telling people not to touch their willies. You see... I don't care much about eating. I like to cook sometimes (I made a fabulous chicken soup yesterday), but then I eat the stuff and don't have to think about food till the next meal. Not a very helpful comment, this. And another thing that helps me (but probably not you) is the knowledge that hunger is a short-lived feeling in me. If I don't eat, the hunger quickly disappears. I don't really exercise but go the 7 miles to work on a bike and go walking whenever I can... 'slutting around'.

No, not very helpful all this... But hey!


bulletholes said...

Annie, Barb and E- i was a chef, but I have been a bachelor so long that I have the eating habits and culinary repetoire of a slug. That may change, but for now, I am doing well to use frozen veges, a steamer, and to cook things using methods besides thwe gearge Foreman Grill and microwave.
I have really let myself go over the years.

Griz, if i would get some excercise I'd be a real stud.

RDG-depends on wehat you mean by sugar

Wow martijn! 7 miles! I do 2 and a half and think i'm really doing something. 7 miles! Thats about 45-50 minutes for me.
As you say, if I wait a minute the hunger will pass, but I don't usually wait.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thanks for the advice-- the veggies/soup/potatoe/lean cuisene sound great-- and it's really fast, so you wouldn't have to "fix" something for 30 mins.

And-- that it's two meals in one!! Really cost-efficient! Great!

I need some readjusting--ie I need to lose weight!! So-- it's off to the store I go!! Munchkin