Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was eating a Twix Bar when I saw her making coffee. Between the notion that maybe I shouldn't eat all that candy, and an urge to go help her make coffee, I made my move.
I got up, went to the coffee room and set half of the Twix Bar on the counter.
"Would you like a piece of Candy?" I asked, sweeter than rain.
She looked up at me and what a surprise...tears were running down her cheeks, her eyes were all red, and it was apparent that she had been upset and crying in the coffee room all by herself for some time.
I struggled for something appropriate to say at such a moment. Asking her if she wanted half a Twix Bar suddenly seemed pretty lame. So I lowered my voice to a deep whisper, almost as deep as Barry White, gave her my best grin and moved a little closer, face to face and said
"You look like you could use a little Chocolate, baby"
It was perfect!
She wiped her face with her sleeve, busted out laughin' and leap'd into my arms!


red dirt mule said...

hmmmm.... leapt into your arms? is she feline? canine?

this is hard to image, cowboy!! a babe magnet. and cut out the sugar !! (i'm one to talk - i'm such a sugar addict these days...)


cornbread hell said...

huh. well i'll be page at a time unfolds.

Annie said...

Offering chocolate to a crying woman is bound to work on 99.9% (I just made up that statistic) of women. Smart of you to figure that out.

Mike said...

So all I have to do is find a woman crying in a break room, quickly eat half a candy bar, interpose myself between her and the coffe pot, call her Baby and hand her a piece of chocolate I just slobbered on?

I've never been very good with women, so be honest with me. Am I gonna get some hot joe on me?

leslie said...

Brilliant fiction, Bullets! What riveting writing!

(Srsly, you are a chick magnet)

And with Valentine's Day coming up, I see more opportunities like this one in your future. The Day after, if any babes didn't get the hoped for flowers and engagement rings and proposals, a man with a spare Twix out.

Ron said...

Or maybe you took the last Twix Bar from the vending machine 30 minutes earlier.

Barbara said...

You do have a special way with words, even long distance! You rascal!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are hot! You must be like James Bond or someone similar. Nice going Chef!

e said...

A hot babe magnet with Twix in hand, way to go Bullet! (But, don't slobber, and RDM's right, the sugar will do you in...)

Perhaps with this strategy, you'll get your sugar elsewhere!

GrizzBabe said...


bulletholes said...

Thanks for all your comments...I'm really not that tough, or slick or cool, but every now and agian, one just kind of falls into place.
Every time she sees me now she just grins and shakes her head.

Mike, sometimes its as easy as that.