Friday, February 06, 2009


Spartacus by Denis Foyatier, 1830

I went to the Doctor yesterday for my check-up.
She says "Steve, you have done a fantastic job of getting you sugar levels under control. We've never seen anything like this before. How have you done it?"

I explained that I had been a Chef, and taken care of an old blind diabetic man, and that I had a girlfriend a long time ago who died from diabetes, and how I was an addict going to NA and that fit right in with what I was doing here, and how I didn't keep no Marshmallow cookies around no more, and ate a big breakfast everyday, and all about the Sisters of Mercy, and that maybe soon I wouldn't even have the Diabetes no more because thats just how things go for me, and everything I write about here at the Mailbox that ya'll read everyday sometimes...

And of course I told her all this in my own foolish laughing happy and wise style and when I got through she says...

"Steve, you are such a TRIP!!!"
"I am Spartacus!' I cried

Doctor said I was a Trip!
Thats a trip!


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Bulletholes..I haven't seen a picture of you but if you are anything like that statue you are doing okay I would say. Great post! Keep up the positive attitude Chef!

cornbread hell said...

the spartacus metaphor added a lot to this post. like 3X. but you already knew that, didn't you?

(yes, i read it earlier, pre-edit. does that make me a...bulletholes groupie? ahahahahaha!)

bulletholes said...


Lily said...

I hope not all of you is like the statue. Then again, maybe that's why the SOM don't let you in their bedrooms.

leslie said...

Hey, Smartacus!
I tagged you over at my place!
$5000 Challenge

Anonymous said...

I too am Spartacus!

UF "Spartacus" Mike