Friday, February 27, 2009


During my 9th grade summer, everytime the Raspberries "Go All the Way" came on the Radio, I would walk down the street to Cathy Cavenders house in hopes she would be outside.
If she had been, I don't know exactly what I might have done but I sensed there was an opportunity there.
She never was, so I would go back to my house and wait another hour for the DJ, Mark E. Baby to play 'Go All the Way" again and I would hike back down to Cathy's and lurk for a while.
I did that all summer long.
It averaged about 108 degrees in the shade down here that summer and I never once saw Cathy. I was lucky not to get sunstroke.

It was that fall, when we started High School that I found out Cathy and her family had moved to Pheonix at the start of the summer.

I like to think that was the summer I lost my shyness, because I was never afraid to go on up and knock on the door after that.
Still, I hate that song.

Thanks UF Mike, for this memory.


Barbara said...

Our imagined affairs are sometimes the best ones. Who knows? Maybe Kathy was thinking about you all the way from Phoenix that summer...

Angela said...

But to knock right away would have saved you a lot of sunburns.
Somehow I never imagined you as shy...

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

This post brings back lots of puppy love memories. Then, I never had "all the way" on my mind. My brothers did for sure. :))

GEWELS said...

Bulletholes, shy??? Really????

bulletholes said...

Barb- Cathy didn't even know who I was
Ladies-Yeah, i was REAL shy back then and believe it or not I still kinda am...i compensate by being nuts.

e said...

Hi Bullet,

Shy???? Nah! We all love you, nuts or not.