Monday, September 22, 2008


"Nixon wasn't so bad...he got us out of Vietnam ...and kept us out of Ireland."

From a long time ago... but we are in election season and with the Economy, the Mae-Mac Twins, and AIG going down the shitter, who is to say that FDIC isn't the next thing to go. I am going to the Bank, withdraw my $29.15 and tape it behind my Millet painting, "The Gleaners" I believe it is. If you are going to rip me off, please leave the Millet.

I have been seeing a tag that has been circulating as of late which concerns books we have read. The first question is the book that has beeen most influential in our life. There were two that came to mind very quickly.
After further thought., however, I came to believe that there were two others that were probably better candidates.Both were written by Mr. Dick Gregory( and I read them in the 10th Grade.

It was a time when there was much to protest. Abby Hoffman, Ken Kesey, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter Thompson and Timothy Leary were all in the headlines.
I spent a few lazy summer stoney days watching Judge Scirrica and the Watergate Investigation unfold.
I cannot tell you what drew me to Mr. Gregory. Perhaps it was my childhood in Detroit during the riots that was thirsty for a Black perspective on what was happening. Maybe I just wanted to be different from my fellow 16 year olds and WASP upbringing.
The first book of his books I read was "Nigger".
The second was "No More Lies; The Myth and Rhetoric of American History".
I don't think either of these would have appeared on a recomended reading list.

I had had my Drivers licsense for only a week when I saw that Mr. Gregory would be at the local College for a lecture. I talked a friend of mine into going with me. I don't know that I was anymore enlightened than any other 16 year old, but I would bet Dollars to Doughnuts that I was the only 16 year old there.
My friend thought I was nuts.

It was a time when I was too young to be a real hippie/protester but too old to not have an understanding of what had happened and was still happening to the country. It was from Mr. Gregory that I heard the story of "The Chicago Seven' and illuminated what the song "Chicago" was about.
I read "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee", "I will Fight No More, Forever" "The Strawberry Statement" and "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail".
It was Dick that sent me.
The next year, while I was barely passing most of my classes, I was making A's in Government, Philosophy and Speech.
It was Dick that sent me.
I was making Speeches that could tear your heart out. Men openly wept.
I joined the Debate club when I was a Senior. The Affirmative that year was:
"Resolved; The United States should significantly change the method for selecting and electing Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates"

My partner Kathy and I actually won a Debate tournament when I used Gregory's analogy comparing the two party system to choosing a whore.
"After all, no matter how many candidates are running, or whores you have to choose from," Mr Gregory had pointed out to me 2 years prior "They are still all whores".
My partner, Kathy, nearly fainted!
It came to be known in our club as "Steve's Great Whore Case".

So today I am waiting to see which one of these whores that have been nominated is going to fall apart.
Will it be the old boring one, or can his dynamic mate save him?
Or will it be the new shiny one whose campaign is based less on the Affirmative, and more on the rebuttal.
I am getting pummelled (an overstatement) by people to make up my mind, but we have yet to have a single Debate between these whores.
Not that it matters that much...but we shall see.


GEWELS said...

I would give my eye teeth to see video of those speeches.
BTW- checked out Kissyface- yeah, I like her.

Barbara said...

Steve -- You were indeed a force to be reckoned with! You continue to remind me of my ex-boyfriend, the one who won't talk to me any more.

You still have the notes from that debate? It would be fun to read a Cliff's Notes version...

GrizzBabe said...

I love that you march to the beat of your own drum!

GEWELS said...

Well if that isn't a Freakin understatement I don't know what is.

Old Lady said...

Are you sure you don't mean Steve's Case of Great Whores.

Anonymous said...

Sore tummy muscles they abhor -
Who're they to stroke the oars?
Landlubbers employed a'hoeing?
Land Ho! And there they go.
At least they are a proud hoard,
In the winter, in the hoary frost.
Is it awkward when they're in one accord? Who pays the prose tuition?
Quack, Quack!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Bravo! I think I'm placing my vote for you! Well, look who they're all in bed with? And it ain't me babe. :)) *laughing* I knew what you meant. I'm the same type. If something I may have said isn't setting right in my subconscious, I need to get to the bottom of it. And Gina. I can see her on your arm. ;) ...As the mornin light breaks open, the Greek comes down...

Barbara said...

Steve -- This is so weird! I remember leaving that comment on another post and I don't think I read your post today until now. How can that be?

I'm looking forward to the debates. When all is said and done, I don't think anyone who has paid attention will still be undecided.

I will stop bugging you! Promise.

laughingattheslut said...

There was an episode of My Favorite Martian in which Tim was temporarily given the ability to read minds. He planned to use this on a politician, but it didn't work very well because the politican wasn't thinking anything.

Don't remember the ending of the story, just that politicians don't think anything on a regular basis.

I don't plan to vote for either one of them, and since I don't have anything cute to write in, I doubt that I will be voting at all.

bulletholes said...

Petra- "Didn't seem like much was happenin', so i turned it off and went to grab another beer"
That song is genius.

Barb- This is a post, the bones of which go all the way back to the abandoned left that comment almost two years ago, and that is why you are having some sense off Deja Vu here.
Hi Barb! Don't you know you are my best blog friend? We will always talk.

Laughing- I get the feeling you are even more cynical than I and thats tough to do. I didn't vote `in 2004. I was a Hillary fan at the start of this year. If i were writing that episode of Martian, I would have the politician brain trying to repeat back whatever Tim was wanting to hear. Thats what they seem to do best.

Anonymous said...

Dick Gregory is a genius! Hey Steve! I've finally (forgive me) added a whatchamacallit to my blog (link?) for you. It was an inexcusable oversight that might have never been corrected had Dick Gregory not appeared to me in a dream and called me a whore. UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Ah, Mike, you can't imagine what an honor I consider that!

banquet manager said...

$ got that much. Was it from the "tip to the chef"?