Thursday, September 11, 2008


Everyone has their 9/11 Story:if you want to know mine you will have to go here to see it.
If you have one of your own, feel free to leave it in my comments...I'll be pleased to hear it.

My new pal Banquet Manager says:
"Hey Bullet-My story is this:
On that fateful day, I was working at 38th street and Madison Avenue in NYC setting up a banquet event for the next day. One of my houseman was late and I went to find out where he was. I walked downstairs to the lobby to find him, and everybody else from the hotel, huddled around the big screen TV in our lounge.
I watched both towers fall as millions of others did.
The site I will not forget is watching thousands of people walking in the middle of the street covered head to toe in soot, dirt, and blood.
No one said a word.
They just walked from downtown to midtown to get away from the mayhem. I got the last train out of NYC (to my area) around 3pm and made it home safe. Many were not as lucky.
The rest is history.

The always lovely and empatico Kissyface says:

Poor baby - how many years came off your life from that particular worry?
I know someone who was quite near to the Oklahoma City bombing, but heard none of it as they were preparing bread for a nearby restaurant. I guess the bldg was too thick.
Fortunately for us, it has not become common, though I think some folks might really make use of us perceiving it that way.
I suppose I should post my 9/11 story, but it will come off even more name-droppy than I usually am, so maybe I'll just tell YOU.
I will say this: I had friends flying in and out of NY that day.


banquet manager said...

To the biggest Bullet Hole in the mailbox:
You deserve a link from my site to yours, so that's what I just did. Maybe you could do the same. Take care.
So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

laughingattheslut said...

For people who are keeping count of the military bases who were having drills and such on the day before 9/11, you can add Fort Leavenworth to the list. I spent 9/11 in the motel across the street.

I just read your older post about working in Dallas. Did you still work there when we had the Star Trek Four Captains dinner? (Not that we ate the captains, just that we ate with them.)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

To this day, I ask, why? So many of us in New Jersey died that day.
It's hard to post the results of Winner winner... after that. Well here goes. First, thank you for that belly roll of a comment. Believe it or not, Jack Elam has now become a regular. He's a contender in "Where's Nessy?"; my latest post. Back to the winners: George Clooney as Mr. Buck, George Burns as George, and Gracie Allen as Gracie. Have a wonderful weekend! ...and I'll know my song well, before I start singing...

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Steve, I just noticed that you're in/near Fort Worth? Did you get hit by Ike? My prayers to you and your family!