Monday, September 15, 2008


Guess who I met live and in person this weekend?
Mother of Invention and her husband David!!!
They were in Dallas for a weddding and I met them out at the Airport.

We stood at talked for "aboot" an hour.

Hear I am giving them a big Texas Tag Team bear hug.

I started to wear like a big foam Cowboy hat, or get a big Cow outfit and a friend to get in it with me or make myself up to look like a Chinese tourist but I thought "I'll just play this one straight"

Reading her blog the last 3 years, and the comments she leaves I knew that they just had to be the sweetest kindest people you would ever want to meet.
What really struck me was how youthful they were. I knew mom was playful, and all the interaction she has had with kids has kept her heart young, but I had no idea they would look so young.

Also, David was really cool, and though I only know him as Mom's husband, there seemed to be a quick familiarity between us.

These folks seemed like just a couple of crazy kids ready for any lark that might pass their way!
I hear they get it from her father.
They even sounded like Texans except when they said "aboot". (about)

It was a real pleasure meeting them.

On a really bizarre note, it seems that Hurricane Ike beat them home to Canada Sunday and when they arrived the power was out for the whole town!

From the Bulletholes archives:

Of course Mother of Invention is hopelessly the sweetest thing in Oz, probably Kansas too, because she combines The Woodsman with Auntie Em rather well, doncha think? Her heart is huge and it doesnt take more than a parargraph of hers to find this. The goodwill and compassion pours, "Spills out" from her site.I don't recall as well the first posts of hers that attracted me so much, but they are all flavored Red and served in Heart-Shaped cups. If ever she has had a cloudy day, we would hard catch but a hint of it. I can also see her as the Wizard, ruling Oz with a Mothers-loving touch and Music nightly in the Atrium of the Emerald City. Her heart is every bit as big as Barbaras.


Mother of Invention said...

HEY, Thanks you ole Texan sweetie! (I'm thinkin' we do really look our age but whatever you say is fine by me!)
That's really ironic that you wrote about me in Oz a long time bck and we were thinkin' we might actually be blown there this past weekend!
Next time we may even go for coffee and talk for "abaaaaowt" (Texan drawl!)a few hours!

And wouldn't tou know it, The coffee I loved the best while down there was from the Kansas Roastery!!! Might have to order me some of them beans!

kissyface said...

She awful purty like.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Oh, how wonderful is that to meet a fellow blogger! You look like you had a blast together! Btw,
Steve, I have Jack Elam (I'm going through a phase it seems) on
"Where's Nessy?" But it looks likes Marty Feldman is the favorite so far. Who do you think have the better set of eyes for the part? *eyes* being the operative word here!

Dave Mows Grass said...

How cool is that!

Hey Mom, now you know what uncle Steve means by, "I talk too loud and laugh too hard."

GEWELS said...

How great that you got to meet.
You look pretty young too Steve!

rdg said...

you are soooooooo lucky!!!

and sweet to make the drive to the airport .... i've been so .... unsweet ... and lazy. i blame it on life circumstances

(ps Gewels if you're reading, i'm really, really, really sorry - come back!!)

i'm not surprised, however, with her youthfulness, handsome husband, and sweet ways ..... but who's the dude in the middle ?????

he looks like some reprobate .....



GrizzBabe said...

How fun!